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Man I need a life!

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Anyone else just sitting mindless staring at the screen right now just.........waiting for the big moment?

I keep telling myself to move on and go do something usefull, but my ass just ain't moving. :wall:

Way to long until 6pm CET :g_withgrin:


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2h 45min.

No should be 3h 45min if its 18pm CET right?


I´m in CET timezone and its 3.20pm here. So unless I messed up the stupid daylight saving times my ETA should be correct.

Ok, I updated the clock

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let's see...

can't get in line @3D, my lawyer is on standby, my wife is still at work, the basement is loaded with cold beer, PC's checked and works okay, junkfood is already in de microwave, answeringmachine is installed and the blinds are down...

Can somebody plz tell me why it looks like the clock overhere is running backwards!! Still 1hr.12mins to go and counting...

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ok i just joined the site and i'm really confused :wacko:

When is the demo going to be avaliable for download and can someone please give a link where i can download it from?

If you haven't already noticed i'm a n00b or whatever you want to call me i don't care can someone just please answer my questions above.....

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