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OMG This SUCKS I have a 10 pg paper, a lab, and a project due by friday and will have about 3 minutes to spare for playing time (if I'm lucky). :angry:  :wall: Thankfully, though, this is my last full week of the semester so I'll be seeing you all on the battlefield not too long after release.  :g_guns:

Just know MLA format for "pg" is "pp"

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that link u put on deosl, i registered on their forum, and they have a pic of them downloading it, but they marked out the download location. But i did see that the demo is 531MB and it is zipped.

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OMFG I AM DOWNLOADING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO FINALLY!!! YAY!!!! *tear*

off one of those links.

bbl :D

Which link mate - the 3 last links are incomplete it seems.

;) Mike

And top one seems a bit suspicious with some wierd 69kb .exe :o

The peerfactor seems to download some kind of download manager - so I am not going any further with that. Dont want my PC infected just as I am about to play GRAW demo :D

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