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LiveWire Project


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I found this update on TAW's forum, in regard to LiveWire project,

".....Nothing has been done on this project for the last couple of weeks. Holidays took precedence. In fact, I only started working on it again a few hours ago. If you must have something, here is a test on one of the plants that was just created for the upper level on the bridge map. http://www.theartofwarfare.net/images/live...ewire/yucca.mov

I am guessing that we are 1-2 weeks away from finishing this map. The vegetation still needs to be created and put into it. The current textures and bridge still need work. We also have several vehicles to photograph and model. Then we have to put all of the special effects into it. If we are still under budget on polygons, we will introduce some structures as well."

For the history of it check this forum.


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