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Demo/ Feed back and update.

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Sometimes in a big gun fight it just sounds like a mess of noise that borders on static rather gun fire.

I have audigy 2 and 5.1 audio.. I think the sound is very good in this game!

I think Call of Duty 1 and 2 is far more annoying when it comes to larger gun battles... The sound quality in graw is far superior imo

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Sometimes in a big gun fight it just sounds like a mess of noise that borders on static rather gun fire.

I have audigy 2 and 5.1 audio.. I think the sound is very good in this game!

I think Call of Duty 1 and 2 is far more annoying when it comes to larger gun battles... The sound quality in graw is far superior imo

I agree... I almost ###### myself when a shot comes unexpected. :o

(I have audigy 2 card as well)

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Longtime lurker who just registered here, having trouble with resolutions, and some surprise at the lack of performance on my system.  My system:

AMD X2 4200+

2 7800 GT's in SLI Mode (just updated driver)

2gb RAM

Dell 20" widescreen (16:10) with native res of 1680 x 1050

Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm unable to play at the proper aspect ratio nor native resolution of my monitor.  The highest res offered is 1280 something or other, and the only aspect ratio's are 4:3, 5:4, and 16:9 (which is probably close enough I guess), but running in a lower, non-native res it just looks awful on my screen.  GR1 gave me no problems on my widescreen, so I'm hoping I'm missing something here.

Also, I thought my system would handle this at full res with medium settings like a knife through hot butter.  It's definitely not.  I'll need to play more with settings before I come to any big conclusions, but this game definitely seems to demand A LOT.

On the plus side, gameplay is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Since you use SLI; make sure the game uses the AFR SLI mode, but to do that you need to create a new profile as the default setting is the SFR SLI mode. Not sure about your 16:10 issue though.

Thanks for the help, but I'm not sure I follow. I've looked at video options (basic and advanced) and nowhere can I find a setting to change from SFR to AFR. I don't even know what those modes are. I created a new profile and then went back to the video settings again but no added settings to screw around with. And as far as far as resolutions go, why is the highest resolution allowable to me 1280 by XXXX (I forget exactly). This has got to be an error of some kind, either on the game or with my system, right? There've got to be people out there who want to play it at 1600x1200 (or in my case 1680 x 1050). GR1 allowed this, and almost all new games do, so GRAW must as well, I assumed.

I don´t have SLI, but since you don´t even have the values, you might have to install a program called NVtweak as it adds addional SLI options or you can click on the SLI coolbits reg file here:


It adds values to your registry (which you can remove if you don´t want them anymore) which enable the normally hidden SLI functions. Check out the programs Nvtweak and Nvtraytools on that site ( http://nvtweak.laptopvideo2go.com ) as well.

Regarding the resolution, open the "renderer_settings.xml" file with a text editor and "force" your desired resolution in this line:

resolution = "1280 960"

to for instance

resolution = "1600 1200" if you want to use 1600x1200.

I can´t promise you if that will actually fix your resolution problem though because I can pick any resolution my LCD screen supports. I can even add "custom" resolutions thru the Nvidia control panel as well, and when I do that, I can automatically select them in the demo as well. Last but not least, make sure your screen driver is updated and the screen is properly using all supported resolutions in Windows. Some screens use the generic windows drivers which don´t equal manufacturer drivers.

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I have the same issue, my max resolution in-game is 1280x1024 while my monitor native resolution is 1680x1050 and I play Ghost Recon 1 at that resolution.

My setup

AMD X2 4200+

Dual XFX 7800GT's in SLI

Viewsonic VX2025w

Current 84.21 WHQL drivers

SLI settings on MultiGPU rendering

I am wondering if this is an SLI issue.

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Mine locked up with everything on max during a big fire fight.

My system specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3500+


mobo : ASUS A8N-SLI

running dual: XFX PVT42EUDE3 Geforce 6800 XTreme 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 In SLI Mode

120 SATA Maxtor drive

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

Windows XP Home sp2

running a Hyundai imagequest LCD 19"

Vigor 500 Power supply

But I still love it :D

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I have the same issue, my max resolution in-game is 1280x1024 while my monitor native resolution is 1680x1050 and I play Ghost Recon 1 at that resolution.

My setup

AMD X2 4200+

Dual XFX 7800GT's in SLI

Viewsonic VX2025w

Current 84.21 WHQL drivers

SLI settings on MultiGPU rendering

I am wondering if this is an SLI issue.

Yeah what's up with that? I'm hoping someone comes up with a fix for this. I recently purchased F.E.A.R. and had to manually go into a file and force my native resolution into it. Found that fix in the forums on this website


So maybe soon someone will do the same for GRAW. I'm just so surprised that the developers didn't do it themselves. GR1 ran perfectly, adjusting to my native resolution and aspect ratio, and that game is half a decade old! Widescreen is the future, and if there isn't native support for it in this game, I'd be very dissapointed.

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Its shipping with MP and SP

Well I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, black screen comes up with two small blue arrows in the upper right hand and left hand corner, then it crashes to my desktop every time.

Sys Specs:


AMD X2 4400 (dual core processor)

2GB OCZ PC-3200 Platinum OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K

Asus Extreme 7800GTX TOP/2DHTV PCIe, 256mb (factory OC)

Display driver 6.14.0010.8421

Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS

Two WD 74GB Raptors - RAID 0 (striping)

Hitachi 250 GB SATA II 7200 RPM 8MB for storage

Enermax EG701AX-VE-SFMA Noiestaker 600 watt power supply

Dell 21" Monitor - P1130

Logitech G5 Laser Gaming mouse

Antec Performance One P160 case

Liquid cooled via Swiftech H20-120 REV 3a & Radbox

Win XP Pro SP2

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Where do all of you guys get all the money to have machines like this!!! WOW!

Anyway, I have an Athlon XP 2800, 1 gb ram, geforce FX 5900 128 mb video mem.

Basically, the textures do not render for me. Thats right, when I play the game everything is black but I can kindof see what is going on. Pretty interesting. Let me know if this is because I have a piece for a machine.


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Im glad you guys can even play it....

I have a .05fps effect and burst upto 60fps at times but usually not often

once i land on the ground it is unplayable. looks great just cant move or shoot or do anything.

AMD 3500+



1gb DDR 400

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People with mouse issues and Nvidia cards, try this fix:

After installing coolbits there should be an addional settings tab in the Nvidia control panel named "Addional Direct3D settings" with the setting "max frames to render ahead" and a default value of "3". When this value is changed to "0", it improves the mouse response dramatically.

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" People with mouse issues and Nvidia cards, try this fix:

After installing coolbits there should be an addional settings tab in the Nvidia control panel named "Addional Direct3D settings" with the setting "max frames to render ahead" and a default value of "3". When this value is changed to "0", it improves the mouse response dramatically."

Will that screw up other games or not? I've heard conflicting things about this technique.

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" People with mouse issues and Nvidia cards, try this fix:

After installing coolbits there should be an addional settings tab in the Nvidia control panel named "Addional Direct3D settings" with the setting "max frames to render ahead" and a default value of "3". When this value is changed to "0", it improves the mouse response dramatically."

Will that screw up other games or not? I've heard conflicting things about this technique.

I get a small performance gain and better mouse response with the same setting in Oblivion, but yes some games might not like it when the setting differs from the standard "3" value. You can´t break anything permanently and changing the value takes only a few seconds.

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Sorry if this comes up more than once, didnt seem to work the first time.

I have:

2800+ running at 2.08GHZ

Geforce fx6800GT with 256MB RAM


Sound blaster audigy 2 nx

I wasn't expecting the game to look anywhere near as good as the 360 version, but come on.... Way too jagged, but I got used to it. Makes it hard to spot guys in the distance, though.

I couldn't hear my own gun firing properly for some reason, but all the other sounds seemed to come through fine.

I got 20min on my first go (by playing slowly) before anyone died.

The "new improved AI" needs work. Let me just say that GRIN have done a great job with it so far, I like the way you team goes up to walls and peeps round :ph34r: BUT! As soon as the s*** hits the fan they somehow lose their minds. If one person is firing at them they can handle it. When there are multiple tangos you can guarantee one of them will run around the corner and get shot.

I couldn't get the drone thing to work, is it in the demo??

If you play it like a game of chess and move each character individually into position and tell them to cover fire in this/that direction, it works. But this was true in [GR], anyway.

In the end I got sick of my team letting me down in the square. Once one of my guys had been dropped for the 2nd time I thought FTS cos there was just me and one guy with a p90-lookin gun left! Legged it in :g_guns: Bear in mind there have to be at least 6 guys in that square. Suddenly the x8 appeared in my hands (god knows where it came from lol cos i'd been using the scar l) maybe i magically switched to 2ndary. Anyway, took out the 3 guys in the sand bags by using the kinda play i'd had to learn to use in BF2 **hangs head in shame** then legged it out of the square again, in a zig zag pattern of course ;) I only got hit about 3 times. Ooops I forgot to mention that I started again and game everyone sd weapons except the sniper guy. Hostage rescue with a massive machine gun guy just didnt quite cut it with me.

Now to anyone who said run and gun will get you killed and all that ra ra ra. Trying to play properly will get you killed cos your team just about obey you when its just the 4 of you in the street! What cracked me up thought was when I told a guy to come here cos he didn't obey my initial command. He started sauntering across the street and then they started shooting and he had to leg it and to that sliding on your belly thing :thumbsup: nice!!!

As for BF2... that game is going in the bin or trade in cos there's no way I can go back to that after playing this :lol::rofl: Somebody somewhere has to tweak this, just have to!! Cos it's C L A S S!

Things that need fixing (so far) IMO:

1) team AI walking round a corner and facing away from enemy and then saying I'm taking heavy fire

2) The command map which scrolls away from where you are looking when you try to select the icons at the bottom of the screen

3) The "drunk" feel/mouse lag thing

4) If I tell someone to follow me, I expect them to follow more or less straight away, not wait until I've gone down the road and round the corner

5) And when I say move (e.g. when were taking heavy fire) I mean MOVE! Not stand there with weapon on full auto trying to out shoot a mounted machine gun (that was why I had to run in and take them out rambo stylee)

There'll be some good 4 player games, but sadly not if the AI are on your side and sadly not if you can't aim properly. You mite get away with that lag thing in SP and over longer distances, but CQB multiplayer is just not gonna work :nono:

But THANK YOU for the demo!!!

I'd better go to sleep now... its half 4 a.m. :blink

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As Promised:

Ruin's Organized Thoughts

Time Spent Playing/Tweaking: ~6 Hours

PC Specs: Athlon 2400+ 2GHz, rated at 2.4GHz; 768MB RAM PC2700, ATI Radeon 9500Pro 128M, SB Live!, Maxtor 7200RPM 60GB HD -now you know.

Updated v2

First off... I'm impressed. This is an excellent demo. Even with it's minor flaws, I'd accept it as a game (that needs a patch). This just go to show me how utterly amazing the full game will be. Demos tend to be a peg, or several, below the actual game. Granted the release for GRAW is only a week away, but there's still time and room for improvement, especially with the add-on already in the works.

The first (technically second) mission is fairly challenging even on a "normal" skill setting. The fact that it takes about 4 hits or less to die is something practically unheard of in FPS shooters (to me anyway). The fact that I can drop a Rebel with one shot to the chest is great. It's very realistic, but leaves no room for margin of error. I don't want to think about the number of tries it took to get past that courtyard on the way to the Limo.

I'll admit, I've been a bad GR-er (?). I've been playing A LOT of BF2. Not to knock it, it's a good game, but vastly different from the gameplay style of GRAW. My biggest problem tonight was controls. I thought I was diving for cover, but I was really changing my RoF, oops.

Alright... so I start up my demo and are greeted with several mini-intro-thingies. That's kind of annoying, but I can hit ESC to pass them. *corny joke warning* I had a grin on my face when I saw GRIN's logo flash across my screen for a brief moment. Good to see such awesome people working on our beloved game.

The first thing I did when I got to the main screen was head straight to the options menu, to see if I could play with my settings. I was highly disappointed to see my options were limited as to what I could control from within the game and was very sad to see my settings all at low. This old 9500Pro has given me years of fun and excellent use, but it's time for an upgrade methinks.

I skimmed over the controls, but was to eager to play... so I hit the Multiplayer screen. What? Only COOP and only on LAN? Awww man, I wanted some good internet Adversarial... oh well, what can ya do? I must include here that I am NOT a single player kind of guy. I bought GR, DS and IT all on the week they were released, and have not completed a single campaign on any difficulty setting. I just don't mess with it, I get bored.

I gave in and played the included mission. I start it up, get this little tutorial section, and then get to pic my guns... like a "kid in a candy shop." I love having the ability to customize my weapons, this was a MAJOR plus for me. I loved the fact you could do it in AAO, but you had to get a stinkin SF slot. Anyway, I attached an Aimpoint and a Vertical Foregrip to my SCAR-H and was off. Before I leave for MExico City though, I must add that the weight added by my attachments seemed desperatly unrealistic. Does a supressor really add that much weight? An aimpoint? I know that the average AR15 with similar attachments weighs around 6.5 pounds, maybe slightly more. All of the sudden, with my SCAR-H and MP5SD, I was carrying as much weight as my team mate with an M99 AND MP5SD. This doesn't seem right. I also wish we had more detail on this screen. What caliber are our weapons, what are the odds our OPFOR will be carrying the same caliber (I have a tendancy to run out of ammo)? This is vital mission intel in my opinion. Edit: If you put your mouse over a gun in the kit loadout screen, it will show you the caliber. That's good. So I withdraw the part I put a line through.

My first mission was interesting.

We start off in the Blackhawk which is a nice touch... but I can't move anywhere, I'm limited to attempting to gaze out the window at the map below me. This was frustrating, but I could deal. Besides, technically I was supposed to be listening to a briefing *pfft* not with a SCAR-L and a M99 on the team mates in front of me, I just had to oogle. The door swung open... after it lagged up my PC for a mild second, and I was on my way down a rope. This is SO COOL! I landed and ran straight for the wall. I turned in time to see my last team mate come down the rope and then watch the ropes fall and the Black Hawk fly off.

I did the first thing any new player would do here. I walked out the big exit. Bad idea. I was promptly greeted and killed by a handful of Rebels. Whoops. So I tried again, and this time, flanked them from behind, and beat them into the ground.

I spent the next several hours trying to beat the mission, but taking notice of certain annoying things, or things I like. So, here they are, in list form; things I like, and things I don't like.

I Like:

  • When you launch a grenade at a wall near or across from a baddie (or team mate) the force of the explosion makes them go flying away, it's very entertaining, but can really only be accomplished three times - yes, I'm evil.
  • Cross-Com! I love this! It's so stinking cool. In the heat of battle it really does feel useless (for now) but is still very very neat. I can't wait to see how this changes in the full game, and I can't wait to see if it becomes more useful.
  • Sounds: Just WOW! I think that since the Original GR, every GR after it wants to win an award for Best Sound. I can hear the bullets zipping or snapping past my head (or hitting it), I hear wind howling through the buildings, I hear Rebels calling me a Gringo. It's all great stuff and very cool.
  • The M99: This thing is simply Pimp. There's no other way to describe it. It will puncture vans, trees and cement collumns and still make the kill. It's a great way to take out those darned MGs and pesky kritters hiding behind trees.
  • Hand Grenades: I'm having a hard time adjusting to them. Your character will move in such a way that he throws off the aim, but they have awesome explosions and do a lot of damage to the area around them.
  • Graphics: I amped some of my settings up for a Medium/High combination. My PC ran horribly, but I could at least get a sense for what they were like. In a word: Beautiful. Definatley worth the videocard upgrade.
  • Your Team AI: They're excellent shots, and soak up bullets fairly well.
  • Enemy AI: There's a lot of them, and they drop fairly easily.
  • SMG Side Arms: Yes! Finally! We have a customizable XM8 and MP5SD to use, not just the M9 and G17.
  • Tac Map: You can see enemies around the corner, which is a nice tactical advantage. You can also issue waypoints to help your team move around. We'll also have the ability to get a drone in the first game which will be a big Plus!

I Don't Like:

  • M99: Not enough ammo for one lengthy mission. I ran out fairly quickly. Having to reload after each shot. Yeah, it's more realistic, but kindof a pain. Edit: For this mission, the ideal kit for me is the M99 and M8 Compact with extra mags for the M99. The length of the mission dictates I have a sidearm I can grab ammo for, and there are enough enemies for me to need extra mags for the M99. The problem is, we don't have enough capacity for all of those. I understand this is a gameplay issue for MP, and have not tried this yet in SP.
  • Grenades: They're explosion is unrealistic, they don't go up and out, they just explode in a half-circle type shape. A lot of fun to watch, but difficult to throw.
  • Enemy AI: They're smart, or at least very alert. They're not smart enough to try and flank you however, they would rather stand in one spot and shoot at you.
  • Your Team AI: It feels as if their movements aren't very deliberate. They also have a tough time understanding the concept of cover. I put one guy behind a corner to aim down an alley, he instead gets there, finds out he's being shot at, rounds to corner and his mowed down. Not a bright thing to do. I had another in a firefight, I ordered him to move to saftey, and rather than stop fighting and run, he just stayed - didn't kill anyone, and died. Perhaps as I play more I can take better control of my Ghosts. But for now, it's easier to make them cover my 6 (and 3 and 9) and take on the shoot myself, they're too cumbersome.
  • SMG Side Arms: Again, not enough ammo. I understand the reasoning, but again I feel we should be told prior to the mission which caliber bullet we're selecting and what the odds are that the OPFOR is carrying that same Caliber.
  • Tac Map: Being able to see the enemies from above takes a certaina mount of realism out of the game. Your Ghosts tend to make up their own routes based lossly off of your waypoints. This is especially annoying when they walk into someone's Line of Fire, rather than go the safe route you provided them with.

I think this is a fairly lengthy read. So I'll cut it short... if there's anything you want my opinion on, just ask.


We've only been given Coup d'etat in COOP for this demo. It plays like the SP, infact enemies are in the same location. It's a nice setup, I have a few suggestions:

  • In the kit loadout screen, it would be nice to see if the player is ready next to their name at the bottom. Perhaps this is already true, but I didn't notice. I know the Captain can see this, but I didn't notice it.
  • Make the chat-box clickable like the lobby. It took me a second to figure out that you hit Y to chat even when picking kits.
  • Allow more carrying capacity for MP COOP. It won't really make the play unfair, and can greatly aid in a squad's performance.


  • A 4 player squad?! Oh noez! I know there's possibility to mod this... but how? How can you possibly fit 8 guys in that chopper?
  • Add a difficulty setting: F*ing Impossible. I know from playing with [GRNET] that unless you have a mission scripted with some tough baddies, they just aren't that good. Human players dominate over any AI baddy on "Hard" any day.
  • Add more guns. Can we expect this? I'm not certain, but it would be cool. I want an M4 damnit!
  • Load times and system resource hog. This sucks, pretty royally, but like the game is worth the wait. I'm still trying to figure out how you can have a dedi server run COOP missions, when the host is the team captain. Perhaps all will be revealed later?
  • No death cam? Really? This has to do with sheer boredom. I don't like staring at my dead crumpled crotch while the mission continues. Yuck.
  • We need something that tells us when a team mate has killed an enemy. This was a very useful feature in GR1, but I understand that it too is unrealistic; so if you don't include it, I won't be mad.


This game kicks ass. Plain and simple. I'd give the demo a 7/10 which means that: Full Game + Add On = 10/10

Most of my gripes are minor ones, and nothing that would prevent me from buying the game. I can't wait to get it next week!

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Ok here's my first take (and 2nd, and 3rd after adjusting alot of settings)....

System Info:

AMD 64 3200+

1 Gig Corsair XMS DDR400 Ram

SATA Raptor 10,000 RPM 75Gig HD

ATI X800 Pro 256 AGP Video Card

DELL 2005FPW Widescreen 16:10 format (1680x1050 desktop)

After being SHOCKED at initial quality after auto-detect and the jaggies from hell, I went into the catalyst advanced settings and forced 4x AA, then restarted the game and finally settled on these settings to give me the best performance to quality for my rig. I am happy with the FPS at these settings, although I feel things look a bit flat like GR1 rather than truly 3D like CS with the updated HDR and engine.


Happy About:

- Good 'Ol GR Feel

- Enemy AI is DAMN HARD!

- Sounds / Music

- Tactical Map vs. 360 version

- Not too cumbersome control system (unlike BF)

Not Happy About:

- Improper widescreen support (the rets look fat and squished, while the scope looks skinny - how can this be?)

- Enemy AI is DAMN HARD! (taking me 6 tries to get past one machine gun nest now)

- Graphics don't look 'deep' like other current games

- Orange uniforms - ugh.

- AA/Dynamic Lighting settings in demo (hope the final release has ability to fine tune more)

So with the AA forced on my card, I think this looks SO much better - and I'm sure some new catalyst drivers will help get this even farther along graphically. I can't wait to try MP!

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Just played for the past 6 hours with 7 of my clan mates rotating in for Co-op missions on the "hard" setting...man is it tough! Below are my thoughts:

Game is an absolute blast with top-notch gameplay and replayability. I didn't get a chance to play much with the AI teammates but they seemed decent. Enemy AI is fantastic.

Environmental effects are spot on. Laying down cover fire with the SAW will throw up so much dust/debris that there's no way you're enemy will know where to shoot. Blowing up a "news stand" with a gernade launcher (when an enemy is behind it) rips all the metal doors off the thing, and sends your enemy off in the blast.

The run->slide and run->dive moves are perfectly implemented and will be widely used. Great animations.

The feel of the game is slow and methodical, which is what I was hoping for. Run/walk speeds are perfect. Maps are hugh and open-ended...you're given a destination and have a lot of different possibilites to arrive there.

Bugs I noticed:

We had a lot of trouble getting some guys that were joining the server into the gun-selection menu...they would hang with a black screen. Not sure if this is GRAW or Hamachi related.

Players sometimes got stuck in the Helo b/c they were unable to use the rope. Seemed like a key-bind isssue, but once it happened the only way to fix it was to reinstall the demo

No true widescreen support. My monitor does 1920x1200 natively and I had to play 1280x1024 with the 16:9 aspect ratio. It didn't look terrible, but I totally noticed the jaggies...

Overall, this is a remarkable demo! It's a treat for any true GR1 fan, or any tactical FPS fan for that matter. I can finally uninstall BF2.


Nice work fellas, you really pulled this one off.

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guys, i am digging this demo!!! when i saw my guys doing a tactical reload, i about ###### in my pants :D it ran good on my comp and when my new gfx card gets here in a couple of days, it will run even smoother. i love the little things that they added in this game (the tactical reload, the use of cover, and other little things us army guys catch)

i love how the AI is a bit tougher, makes the game more immersive. the firefights are pretty cool and i love chaotic situations, especially when i can't see my enemies (because they are behind cover) and rounds just keep wheezing by my head. my team reacts pretty good and i like how they respond to contact and yell "reloading" when changing out mags (and i mean literally tossing mags :rocky:). there are some "flaws", but i see no need to mention them because they don't amount to anything. this game is going to be great and i have no worries about the full game.

the guys having issues with the gfx may need to save up some money and just upgrade because the next set of shooters are bound to be gfx whores, so may as well move forward or get left behind.

great job, GRIN :thumbsup:

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I agree with alot of whats been said.

prone aiming

no peek while prone

AI tweaks

I too am not enjoying the weapon change SCROLL......Where as in GR...just a button push had my secondary weapon up and ready in a pinch...I now am opening a window....which takes my attention away from the action...while I scroll to my backup weapon.

and frags?

Am I wrong in thinking the frags need reworked a little.... Again In GR you could hold down the button....get it up to full....aim your shot.....lean...walk...or even switch back to your primary instead of throwing it.....right now...you hit the button...and it is being thrown....no matter what....and you better be pointing where you wanted to throw it....

Also I thought you could toss and or roll a frag....I cant....

Were you not also supposed to be able to peek over the top of cover as well? I thought we saw that in a clip....but maybe that was just 360.

Maybe its just demo....just throwing this out to see what everyone else thinks....

as a whole...very happy with it.


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