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Demo/ Feed back and update.

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,Apr 26 2006, 05:21 PM]

The keys are complicated, changing the weapons to from GL are a real pain in the ass.

I always remap my keys anyway... how that work on the demo? Can you remap keys with no problems?

Yes np there at all, no ive figured out that you press F and use the mouse wheel, quicker thar way to change to GL nades etc. Y changes the fire rate, nothing else.

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I have


1gb 333mhz ram

X850XT P.E overclocked

audigy 2


And it runs great!!!  on 1024x768 and all settings as high as they can go.  havent tried getting it to run on high textures yet..

I love the game and am about to go back on it. I played it at the hardest setting and its real tough!  the enemy are far better than I would have thought, they take cover well...

I also think the sound is sooo awesome on 5.1!

Agree 100% with you, i have the same setup, it runs perfectly. I would put textures on high too but there is no option :stupid: . I wonder why they use a ATI Splash screen :P . Seem like Nvida cards are having probs.

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Sorry...here are my specs:


NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX

Pentium 4 3.60GHz

Running it on 'Auto-Detect' settings...very jaggy, especially  in the distance and zooming in with a scope. I have not checked FPS yet...what is the best way to do that?

if it's jaggy, then that means there is no anti-aliasing turned on. You'd have to adjust the settings.

not sure about the fps. I use ATI tray tools for my card and it displays that info for me.

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I have


1gb 333mhz ram

X850XT P.E overclocked

audigy 2


And it runs great!!!  on 1024x768 and all settings as high as they can go.  havent tried getting it to run on high textures yet..

I love the game and am about to go back on it. I played it at the hardest setting and its real tough!  the enemy are far better than I would have thought, they take cover well...

I also think the sound is sooo awesome on 5.1!

Agree 100% with you, i have the same setup, it runs perfectly. Ive put textures on high too with np at all.

* quote!

it's awesome!

sorry, i come back to play.. :o=

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shutup with the negative stuff!!! this game fken rocks!!!!!!

play @ 1024x768, everything on high except texture on medium!!! runs awesome!! i love it....

1 thing though, wasnt this game built with nvidia support, why the ati splash screen?

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OK! i got the dmeo, truns fine with Geforce 6600GT, but putting texturer on medium settings make very choppy.


Gameplay is GREAT! even better than GR1, same feel and triangles arent that GOOD as you thought!

AI is Awesome, but sometimes little weird, also enemy AI is good, but not that great. If it hear you it shoots towards you and your teammates actually act when needed, even without your permission, But always in right way.

Now i give you a hint: let enemy see you, move cover, and wait! they always come from the corner! ( No good! :angry: )

Controls are nice and familiar, some needs practise, also Command screen is nice, letdown style :D, You can also command your ghost throught Tactical map.

The "execute" button need some practise, yes i always forget to push it, but before it i think why in the cake they stay around! ha ha

Lets talk about Load TIMES! oh yeh! i suprised how fast my game loaded up! with my 6600gt, only 30-50 seconds, awesome!

Destructable environment is pure godness even with good ole 6600Gt, which is good, but still NOT that good, oh i shoot whole car without any kind of Physics Lag or framedrops :lol:

I felt GR1 when playing this, i got hype in my soul....

I give this game..umm..DEMO Pure 9/10 :thumbsup: never seen game better than is , ever felt any game like this one, but GOD LORD...

SUBTITLES OK peopel Lets Party! Demo is finally out!



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OK basic system specs. P4 2ghz, 756 Ram, 6800GT OC

Game runs great on 1024x768 medium settings, Only lag I had was in the first part of the game with the rotor wash, but it was not really bad lag.

I have to say Im more than impressed with this game. Movements were very nice, Team Control was great, out of 1 hour of playing only had 2 times where teamates did not fully carry out orders. ie: move to the exact point where i was trying to get them to go.

AI seems to be top notch, I had enemy suppressing fire on me while I was behind a car, while other enemies moved to flank me. (thank god for Teamates). I have to admit it was very intense sitting behind that car while it was falling apart, the sounds were incredible.

I left the music on the first time I played and it was not too bad. I will turn it off for future gaming though, as I never seen a band following our troops over in Iraq.

One thing I liked as well, was the soda cans laying on the ground. Kicking them makes a normal "Im kicking a tin can" sound, and could give away your postion. (great for MP)

So far so good, going to play some more with my new toy.

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I don't know about anyone else, but that would be the last concern I would have. I much prefer a game that plays smooth and well over eye candy any day. I have never asked for 'Better' graphics than the 360. Just a better game smile.gif

I agree 100%. Haven't had a chance to check out the demo yet (at work :whistle: ) but from the way you guys are describing it Im definitely pumped :g_withgrin:

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DFI LANPARTY UT nf4 Ultra-D, AMD San diego 3700+ @ 2.82gig water cooled. X800XT stock clock speed, OCZ pc 3200 GOLD 2gig gamers ram cl2.3.3.8 @ 418mhz, Sound Blaster audigy PLatinum. Hansol 19" flat 920d monitor. ATI 6.4 drivers.

Based on first 30min game play.


The recomended settings sellected by game is 8x AF ,1024 x 768, med to high settings. The game looks extreemly jaggie that was my first thought. Turning up AF to even 16x had no visual effect on the game or running of it. I turned on AA to 4x and still bad jaggies. I needed min of 1280 x 1024 @85hz + 4XAA for it to look ok.

You need a very very fast pc to see eye candy. The looks of farcry, Doom3, HL2, BF2 are better for the same settings applied. I dont think that half the settings are realy applied hence why its not looking all that great.

Game Play:

The movement is spot on and realistic. Aiming is very nice but you need to be fast so settings have to be lowered as the AI are fast shooters. The game play I speculate will far outway visuals due to performance that it requires from your hardware. If I had to choose between gameplay and what it looks like game play will win as I get bored I fantastic looking games and have no depth and bad AI.

I will update on this as I play more.


Iv put on 6X AA and 16x AF from my Catalyst control centre and has no effect on the game at all. IM going to try omega 6.3 drivers.

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Is anyone just getting wireframe in the crosscom?  AMD64 4000, 7800GT, 2 gigs 3200DDR.

If you mean that thing topleft, then it's normal

But if you select a bot and press 'G' it should show a grayish "video" from what they are seeing.

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Heres what I think so far:

Visuals: Very good and better than I thought they were going to be, as with any new game these days it's really hard to get to see the effects going on when still pictures. The game is incredibly smooth and the graphics are by far the best yet on the PC in my opinion. I am very happy with the graphics :)

Sound: Has anyone missed how GOOD the music is and how it really adds to the atmosphere of the game! the sound effects with my audigy 2 and 5.1 speakers is probably the best I've ever heard from a PC game, you hear the bullet whizzing past you, gun fire from all directions. The sound isn't annoying like I found it in ww2 games such as COD. I would give the sound a 10/10 - well done grin! :D

Gameplay: At first I wasn't too sure on what was going on, seemed quite complicated, a bit like when I first loaded up Lock on. As I got into the game more and messed around with the keys to see what does what I was able to effectively control me and my time and soon was able to give the enemy a good fight. Situations I encounter are never the same and everytime I go through it something else happens, the open space on the map gives you much freedome to plan attacks very well.

AI Wow they put up a good fight!, they take cover as I expected and they tend to shoot through gaps in the walls so that it makes it hard for you to hit them. I foudn myself constantly looking around and trying to see what the enemy is upto because I was never sure what they were going to do. I am very happy with the level of AI in this game. Again its probably the best Ive seen yet!

Overall the game is exactly what I wanted and more, it provides indepth tactical gameplay that keeps you hooked! and amazing visuals and sound.

I can't wait to get the full version!

It took me upto 30minutes to get to grips with this game, so keep at it and it will get better and better!

I am also getting great performance from the game and my hardware


1gb ram 333mhz

ati X850xt p.e 256

audigy 2

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ya i found it to be a real resource hog graphic wise would have been nice if you could have been able to lower graphics settings more in options to allow for lower graphics cards to be used aswell, since as it stands the graphic card requirement seems high to me. just my 0.02, but then again its a bit late for anything to be done about that.

Edit: the graphics do look amazing though if you have a good card and specs so props to grin for that

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Wow. I played up to the 'create diversion' objective, but by that point I was out of ammo in both my MRC and MP5, so I'm going to restart with a scar l.

AI is impressive in basic combat; teams cover eachother, advance firing, dive, slide, everything. It's excellent. I think one was throwing a grenade (his hand was off of his gun, I guess he could have been reloading) but he was hit by both me and my machinegunner a bit too fast for me to see.

+Animation blending is great.

+People fall down when shot, even if it isn't fatal.

+Graphics. Ran perfectly for me, I posted my specs in the thread in tehc support.


+Commands are default mapped to the mouse wheel. Select which soldier by moving it, click it to bring up menu, wheel and then click again to give order.

+Animation. Reloading, everything. It's great.

+Character art. Models and textures are awesome.

=Tac map is cool, but seemed cumbersome. commands are default mapped to the mouse wheel, so I just used that most of th etime.

=Map was essentially linear, but there were more than enough choices to make me happy.

-Guns feel a little too innacurate.

6600 256 mb geforce,

3200+ 64 bit AMD

512mb ram

Runs perfectly autodetected.


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all i got to say is WOW :D

i love it!

at first i was worried cause it was choppy as hell but then i relised i hadnt downloaded the latest drivers for my viedo card (OOPS!) and once i got that in man it was running smooth!. even on low settings it looks great, i cant complain about the ai (enamie or friendly) the way you switch wepons will take a bit to get used to but other hten that wow. quick orders to your teamates are as easy as 2 clcks

great job GRIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :grin1::grin1:

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ATI 9800Pro 128MB

1.75Gig ram (333fsb)

2.08G AMD athlon CPU


I was expecting to have to have crap visuals over framerates. I got a good balance of 1024x768 85hz

Texture : (has to be low on anything - which is a big shame for me :( )

Anostropic 4x

Effects : Meduim

Shadows : none :(

Dynamic Lighting : on

Post effects : meduim

Also no AA at all :(

... with that setting I get good enough frame rates to play smooth without it being an issue. It looks visualy like going back to playing doom 3 on a pentuim machine with blocky parts to textures and no smoothness & jaggy ...... that said ....

It plays so crisp and "feels" loverly. After I got over the shock of visual settings and getting a playable balance I kind of forgot about it as the gameplay just took over completely and it wasnt an issue in the end. I guess that says something for the game. Im loving most aspects of this and nothing says to me its not Ghost Recon it all feels correct. I have audigy so at leat i can wack up the audio side and that is fantastic ... the reverb delay of guns and firing is great! :g_guns:

Ive messed about with graphics settings so much im still getting used to keys but so far im into it big time.


I do feel the graphics levels are a bit either or. I can handle low res settings but to have textures basicly medim or low and the massive difference in frame rates between just that to me should be worked on. I never though id actualy have to set textures to low by default ... I always thought other things like shadows, general res, AA to be honest.

Mouse movement can be a bit too smooth, I like the feel but practical side I would like to see an option to fix that .. im not sure if its graphical lag as it seems the same no matter what settings. I dont find it hugely annoying but others may.

Men seem to die half stood up like the ragdoll didnt play out long enough on some deaths.

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Sorry to say but this game is just a show of (look at what I can do with graphics) over gameplay.


1. Even if you have a powerhouse computer it is still slugish.

2. Looks like you are stuck with (SMOOTH MOUSE) on and can't be turned off!!!. So your movement is always delayed a good second, and that is my main gripe. I can barely aim with that crap.

3. O lets not forget how Orange your teamates look. They stick out like a lightbulbs and it's so unrealistic looking.

4. It's impossible to go prone and shoot anything... Shurr shur realism blah blah... I just can't wait to see people in MP go prone on each other and each shooting over each others heads becuase thier aim is 5 feet into the air.

But once again GRIN, you need to do something about that smooth mouse or whatever is going on. It may be your Idea of body awareness but it just ruined the game for me.. Along with bad HDR with bright orange colors...


None really, the negitives outway anything positive in this case.. Thinking of canceling my pre-order untill this mouse lag thing is fixed.

1. Nice sandbags lol...

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