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Demo/ Feed back and update.

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With the Demo coming shortly, and the Add on pack under way, its important to give feed back on the Demo.

Add On:

To call this a patch is basically the wrong word.

The Download that we get, will not be a patch as such, although parts of it will be to correct any problems seen and passed on to the Dev Team, from the Demo`s,/Game, this part will be a patch to the existing game.

The Bulk of the download will be add on`s to the existing game that were not done prior to release, because of the release schedule.

So in effect the download will be far more than a patch.

In the first instance.

It is very important to give any feed back to Ubisoft Technical Support.

International support page

And if you wish post the problem here if you have one on our Technical Support Page.

GRNET Technical Support

You may find that we get a direct answer to a problem from the Grin Team or one of our members.

When Explaining the problem in your post please be sure to put as much detail down as you can, this will speed up the response time.

Do remember that you should have read any download instructions/Booklet that comes with Demo/Game and your PC is subject to the Minimum Specs laid out below.

Minimum specs required to run:

2 GHz Pentium® IV or the equivalent


5 GB of hard drive space

NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6/7 or ATI® Radeon® 9600-9800/X

If you follow the above we should have some trouble free gameing and some good response times.


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As an additional reminder, keep your feedback constructive. If the feedback does not stay constructive, there is a good chance that it will be removed from the forums.

No one is saying you can't post negative feedback, but be aware of how you are stating your opinions.

Opening thread now, but keep this thread for demo feedback discussion only!

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I have some constructive criticism.

How are we to test the multiplayer part over the internet which is why most of us will buy the game when we can only play over a lan or by ourselves?

Will we see a multiplayer demo before the release of the full game?

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I have some constructive criticism. 

How are we to test the multiplayer part over the internet which is why most of us will buy the game when we can only play over a lan or by ourselves? 

Will we see a multiplayer demo before the release of the full game?

I would wait for Official US release info before I 100% count it out. :unsure:

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wow heavy on the resources but oh man, accuracy and physics are tremendous. That is what worried me most. I'll play more when i have time. But from what I have seen this is gonna be where my time is spent for coming years ...

grin was not bs'ing.

BTW dont hit "next" on the weaponselect info/tutorial screen. It caused a crash for me.

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I've played for one hour.


* No, it does NOT feel like GR1, more like BF2.

* The way you crouch and back is so damn slow. Annoying.

* Switching weapons, grenade a pain in the ass.

* Menus and "GUI" not good. Why not stick to GR1's. Still unbelievable good.



* Maps looks alright.

* It's Ghost Recon.

* It's a demo so full game will rock?


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Unfortunately I can't fully evaluate the game with this demo as there is zero multiplayer capability other than LAN Co-op. My hope was that we would at least be able to do some multiplayer Co-op (other than LAN) to get at least SOME idea of how multiplayer is going to work and how the netcode performs. I guess I just have to wait for early adopters' reviews and site reviews. <_<

As for performance, it seems a little over the top, considering the system I have. I'm not getting very good performance out of the 'Auto-Detect' settings...had to drop it down from there and even then it didn't make allot of difference, other than drastically changing the quality of graphics. I know the goal is to design it so that it can scale to future systems, I commend that in any game, but it seems to me like it is already next-gen, when we don't really have next-gen, if that makes any sense. It almost seems like they went to the high end rather than a happy medium.

As for the basics, it seems pretty cool...controls, etc.

I will have to try some more settings and stuff when I have more time this evening.

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As for performance, it seems a little over the top

Considering all this forum's demands that the game be better visually than the 360 version, there's a lot of complaining that they actually did it. :rofl:

I don't know about anyone else, but that would be the last concern I would have. I much prefer a game that plays smooth and well over eye candy any day. I have never asked for 'Better' graphics than the 360. Just a better game :)

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Booted up the demo and it looks good.

I have a p4 3.0 ghz HT, 1 gb of ram, GeForce 6800 256 mb, Soundblaster live 24 bit, 160 gb hd and it runs fine on medium 800x600 texture on medium, shadows on high, 4x anistropic, dynamic lighting on and effects on high. 1024x768 runs ok, but with a few framerate drops.

The A.I. is awesome, definetly no run and gun game.

Controls are nice, but it takes time to master every move. Maybe I have to remap the keys.

Graphics are nice, even at medium settings 800x600.

MP Co-Op only on LAN, I prefer internet, but I may try it later to see if I can find a game through Hamachi.

I get some sound problems with EAX on, I don't hear my gun fire after a couple of shots. If you turn it off the sound is sweet.

Even though it isn't GR1 it reminds me of it, due to the tough AI. When I first played the original GR I was like running around doom style and I was granted with a bullet in the head by a sniper. This game is the same, you can just run around, find enemy, shoot, run... you have to plan every move carefully. The moves are smooth... great animations. I am sure I will buy this game.

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I liked the demo a lot. I need to upgrade, though. 20-25 FPS average is playable but annoyingly sluggish.

System: Athlon XP 2500+, 768MB RAM, 6600GT.

Auto-detected settings: 800x600, Low textures, medium effects, high post effects.

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Initial Thoughts after about 15min of actual time in game...


I love it, I'm really psyched about the full game, and I know for certain my PC will be getting upgrades.

So briefly... here's what I thought (system specs: 2GHz 2400+, ATI Radeon 9500pro, 768MB RAM - detailed specs are in the sig).

With my PC I was able to play with everything (minus filtering and shadows) on medium. To enhance MP play I'll probably drop it all down to low. It ran very smooth until there was a massive load of something (large volumes of fire being one, or the initial game save) and then it hung for about a second and then it was good.

I love the guns, and the weapon load-out possibilities. It's so nice to have an SMG as a side arm. The look, feel and sounds of the guns are amazing. I just haven't figured out how to change weapons, lmao.

The way you manuver (sp?) your team is a little tricky however. I'm going to assume it's rough because it's the demo. But they're moves can be clumbsy sometimes (was in a heated firefight and had my own team mate walk infront of my LoF). It was annoying, but there's definatley room for improvement with release of the full game.

The AI was pretty dumb really... they weren't very good at taking cover, but they were VERY alert. If one sees you, there are four more ready to shoot. They reminded me a bit of the old GR AI, where if two are walking, you can drop one and the other one hunches down absolutely clueless as to where the shot came from. Kinda funny really.

I'll get a few more hours of game time in tonight, exploring more team movement and weapon loadouts just to see what happens. For now... I need to go to work and class. I'll play more after 5PM EST and will try to report back around 7PM EST (unless I get entrenched, then it'll be more like 9PM EST - gotta watch Lost!)

That's me... after 15 minutes on a crappy PC, lol. I'll give a more detailed/professional report later.

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I have


1gb 333mhz ram

X850XT P.E overclocked

audigy 2


And it runs great!!! on 1024x768 and all settings as high as they can go. havent tried getting it to run on high textures yet..

I love the game and am about to go back on it. I played it at the hardest setting and its real tough! the enemy are far better than I would have thought, they take cover well...

I also think the sound is sooo awesome on 5.1!

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Stalker,Apr 26 2006, 01:25 PM]

It's so choppy that it's unplayable.

AMD 64 3500+

2 GB OCZ Dual Channel Platinum

(2) eVGA 6600 256 MB in SLI mode

All graphics set to low running at 800 x 600.

seems as though people with SLI are having issues. Try running it on one card.

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