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H-Hour's Coop Missions


hhcm1.0.zip 170 kb

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(note: required mods/maps are not included in this download, please see Requirements section)

What is it?

A package of 10 coop missions that are essentially server-sided (see "Requirements" below). These missions were designed for Coop play on the Tactical Gamer servers, which use voice comms and SOPs in their gameplay. The package includes three missions designed on the custom maps December, TG 1 - The Outpost, and The Mosque, and one on a Frostbite map.

What's New?

Five of these missions have been released before, but I don't think they were played outside of the Tactical Gamer community. The other five missions have never been seen before.

Of the five that have been released before, four of these missions were packaged as part of the TG 3.0 mod and one of the missions was released as part of the Tactical Gamer Mission Scripting Contest. All missions have, however, been re-tooled so that they are essentially server-sided.

Random Elements

All missions were designed with random elements to facilitate repeat plays. As someone accustomed to playing the same missions over and over again, I take randomness as a central element in my mission creation. These missions have different levels of randomness, but in general the later the mission number the more randomness.

Some missions were designed with random objectives or random placement of the objectives, but all of them have extensive randomness built into the placement and responses of the enemy soldiers. This will, hopefully, provide new experiences on repeat plays and prevent mission memorization.


All missions require Ghost Recon and the two expansion packs: Desert Siege and Island Thunder. In addition, four of the missions require the following community mods/maps: Frostbite, December, TG 1 - The Outpost and The Mosque.

These missions are designed to be server-sided. This means that, if you have the appropriate requirements, you should be able to simply drop them into your server's Missions folder and play without requiring the players to download anything on their side. The four missions that require community mods/maps, however, will require that you have these mods/maps active either as the mods they were originally packaged as or as part of your own mod.

Because so many people running a Coop server run their own "package" of community mods, I've presented the following list of the missions with their corresponding requirements. This way, if you run just some mods, or a custom mod that packages certain maps, you can easily distinguish which missions are server-sided for you:

hh02_monochrome_trails                  GR/DS/IT

hh03_angles_of_neutrality               GR/DS/IT

hh05_xerxes                             GR/DS/IT

hh06_pixie_dust_like_stairway_rust      GR/DS/IT

hh07_nightingale                        GR/DS/IT

hh11_you_need_your_mommy                GR/DS/IT

hh12_diamondback                        GR/DS/IT/Frostbite*

hh13_hear_me_now                        GR/DS/IT/Frostbite*/December

hh15_take_me_home                       GR/DS/IT/TG 1 - The Outpost

hh16_to_cross_these_sands               GR/DS/IT/The Mosque

* Maps that require Frostbite will require the whole mod, not just the maps, as player skins and enemy actors from the mod are used.
As an example, the Alpha Squad mod includes the maps TG 1 - The Outpost and The Mosque. If you were running a server with the AS mod activated, you could simply drop "hh15_take_me_home" and "hh16_to_cross_these_sands" into the AS Missions folder and individual players would be able to play this mission without downloading anything more than the Alpha Squad mod. Mission Style Everyone tends to play Ghost Recon in their own way, favoring certain types of missions. This is especially true, I think, for the Coop community, where some people prefer stealth, some prefer big firefights and some prefer a mix somewhere in-between. To help point server hosts to the missions they'll most enjoy, here is a list of the missions indicating what kind of gameplay you can expect:
hh02_monochrome_trails                  Traditional

hh03_angles_of_neutrality               Traditional

hh05_xerxes                             Special

hh06_pixie_dust_like_stairway_rust      Traditional

hh07_nightingale                        Firefight

hh11_you_need_your_mommy                Firefight

hh12_diamondback                        CQB/Mout

hh13_hear_me_now                        Traditional

hh15_take_me_home                       Traditional

hh16_to_cross_these_sands               Traditional

Traditional = A mix of stealth and firefight, similar to the original missions. Open to several gaming styles.

Special = Special objectives or scripting in this mission may require a high level of communication or unique planning to complete.

Firefight = Expect a significant amount of tough firefights.

CQB/Mout = This mission is designed to emphasize building clearing.

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Great, uploaded all except those requiring Frostbite on our public dedicated server.

Great, thanks!

Are these playable as SP? :unsure:

HH05 - Xerxes is not. In the beginning, one player in the platoon is transported as an undercover agent. In SP, an AI character is usually transported and he immediately opens up on the enemy, setting in motion a chain of events that end quickly in mission failure.

I believe all the rest are playable in SP. They were, however, designed for Coop, so there are no cinematics, no music, and in general less emphasis on story. They may also be nearly impossible in SP mode, but then I was never very good at SP so maybe you can handle them.

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I had a problem with the mod. I had to rename the Mission folder from Missions to Mission in order for the missin to show up in game. I would imagine that others had this problem.

Ack! What an oversight! I'll update the ZIP file, though I imagine most everyone who will download the pack will already have downloaded it.

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I'm sorry. I will try to get fixes up tonight, as I leave for a trip tommorrow morning. This was poor oversight on my part. I thought I had removed all TG 3.0-related requirements.

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Ok, here's is a new ZIP file with an updated mission file for Nightingale. I also went ahead and inserted into each mission with only the proper mods activated to make sure there were no more problems.


HH05 - Xerxes has been pulled from this pack, but expect a corrected version soon. There is some bug I've never run into before, where if you kill the guy on the .50 cal right after you teleport, the game crashes. I get the following error message:

SimGun: Gun node W Entrance MG has no camera offset helper point.

SimGun: Gun node Plane MG has no camera offset helper point.

SimGun: Gun node Exterior House Machine Gun has no camera offset helper point.

SimGun: Gun node Barn MG has no camera offset helper point. 

Does anyone know what is causing this? Each of those errors is connected to a .50 cal gun placed on the mission. If I can't figure it out, I'll just delete the guns from the mission.

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