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Demo for This Week

Predict when demo will be available.  

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LOL...sorry, but that just sounds ridiculous. What if they give you a map that only includes a small street and a pistol to shoot at a target at the end of it...will you be "perfectly happy"?  :whistle:

Sorry but a Demo is a Demo I would be perfectly happy tearing thru a SP mission for 2 weeks just upping the difficultly and exploring every nook and cranny, in all honesty if this game was ONLY SP I would still be happy, MP isnt the the benchmark of a game in my eyes(tho it seems to have become the norm)I mean COD2 is kinda of a recent example I bought 1 copy of it(my wife and I both game online so normally it would be 2) I played thru the SP campaign a few times enjoyed it and gave it to my wife for the MP(dont need another cookie cutter TDM game, this one set in WWII I already have DoD:S looks the same to me) :whistle:

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Whats a bloke gotta do to be special around here.......  :hmm:


http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/donate.htm 0:)

Done. :rocky:

Come on Fresh...

It's the "in" thing to do. We gots to keep GR.net alive!

And so the admins don't chastise me for not keeping with the topic... :whistle:

I very excited for the demo. :thumbsup:

Neat my supporter-2.gif thingy is already there. Everyone should support!!!!!! I gladly pay for Info like this DEMO and being able to see and talk with GRIN devs ...although I havent ever realy traded post with any of em <_<

what were we talkin about again? :rofl:

btw hi desmond ....dont you love when info like this makes its way here? must kill you guys to have to keep it secret.

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I think I remember Bo saying that they will not release a Demo without Co-Op... But I could be wrong :hmm:

Correct :thumbsup:


What is correct? That they wouldn't release a demo without coop or that he could be wrong? :blink:

What ever the Demo`s are you are going to enjoy it very much, prepare your other half`s for some lonely nights ahead. :)

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There is some debate/confusion over the available modes in the demo.

Just read the article.

First theres going to be a singleplayer demo & then a co-op demo


How I interpret it is that the singleplayer an co-op demo will be released at the same time/same demo...

The above is from here. Only time will tell.

At least I'll find out how my 9800 Pro handles GRAW. *crosses fingers*

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*Takes screenshots* Woohoo! A demo thread that has not been locked!

Oh boy are you in trouble when zjj sees this :rofl:

She is gonna line us all up and do a "Three Stooges" slap across all of our faces....... :yes:

Then she will put up this smiley.......... :wall:


Hey Hjj, how about the above option...:lolup:


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We're almost there....

I can't believe how much I've been hanging for GR:AW - my homepage has been set to ghostrecon.net for a couple of months, every morning I check out the news and the forums... :geek: Depending on how much information & discussion went on while I was sleeping I sit and read it all and have been late for work a few times because of... Which is just dumb, cause I can read it at work inbetween jobs! :rofl:

Anyone reckon there's any chance the demo will come out Monday? Perhaps wishful thinking, but Tuesday is ANZAC day here in Aus, so I've got the day off work and heaven forbid that I catch up with my mates and watch the footy...

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