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Predict when demo will be available.  

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I'm disappointed that it won't include Domination because we won't be able to see how the dedicated server function works with a large number of players, but I hope since it will have Co-op we will be able to see how it functions. Does anyone know if that will be included in the demo? Probably have to just wait and see. :(

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here is Bablefish's translation...

(jsut saw that the post said as near as I can figure..)

AND well the demonstration leaves the next week!

Of the guy who was to the fan S day of yesterday one posed the question and one said to them that the demonstration left the next week but not precise date!

this is the best news I've heard all week...!!!!!!!!!! :grin1::grin1::grin1::grin1::grin1:

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:drool:  :notworthy:  :fingersx:  :g_cheers: Also hoping for perhaps some Co-op but will be perfectly happy with whatever they give us

LOL...sorry, but that just sounds ridiculous. What if they give you a map that only includes a small street and a pistol to shoot at a target at the end of it...will you be "perfectly happy"? :whistle:

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