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GRAW Hangouts

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Just curious with the big launch coming what squads will be hosting a GRAW server and where you will be based out of. Nice to have an idea of who will be firing up the game post-work in the same timezone that hang out in here so we can all cruise through the game in MP together (or against ea. other :g_guns: ).

Another reason; I had a core of guy lined up from previous games to jump in on this with a website and server, but now it looks like that fell apart (no big deal), but we had all this great effort started and I'd sure like to find another group of guys that are planning on plenty of casual play in a public server atmosphere, as well as dip lightly into the ranked match play.

How about a post with

Squad Name: (e.g. -TGN- Texas Gaming Nation)

Server Location: (Dallas, TX)

Server IP: (if you know it)

GRAW Involvement: (Matching +Pub / Pub only / TBD)

Squad Website: www.texasgamers.com

Thought this might give us some good starting points for jumping in to play some GRAW with folks that appreciate the game for the same reasons we do and not necessarily have to wade through the entire list. :)

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AttackforceZ (*AFZ*)

Server location = East Coast central Pennsylvania static 3mb x 768

Will be public except when matches are scheduled. We announce a head of time on our website www.attackforcez.com


Currently we have our GR1 server at this ip. When Graw is released we are hoping to have it up and running that day.

See you in the game

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