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Auto detect question?

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I think I've read in posts that GR:AW has an auto detect function to find the best performance for your computer specs (Flame me if wrong), but could anyone tell me what do games tend to auto detect to... as far as Frames Per Second go??? Do games generally have a set limit i.e 40FPS and then adjust your graphic setting to get as close as that, and do they vary alot from game to game??

I know GR:AW can be tweaked to in the menus but i was just curious.

Sorry if that question doesnt make sense, but its late and the forums quiet and could do with a new thread :P

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From what I've experienced in many games out there the auto-detection usually goes for VERY high performance, so much so that it can go overboard sometimes. Usually I take the auto-detect and move all the options up to the next level because it usually doesn't have an adverse effect on the performance.

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I don´t like auto-detect. I max out all settings and if it doesn´t run how I want it to run, I start to lower the sliders and settings. Of course its good that auto-detect is in there for people who use it for their settings, and a small benchmark function like in FEAR would be PERFECT but thats just my opinion. Nothing worth to delay the game. :rofl: (a joke)

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