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Happy 420!


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1)Hitler's Birthday

2)Seven Year Anniversary of Columbine

? :huh:

We have drawings up all over my dorm of some guy toking... it's kinda funny.

This whole 420 thing just dawned on my roomie today, it was a wonderful epiphany to watch "Ohhh! I get it!.... wait, today's 4/20!"


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I have no clue what you folks are on about, but I am guessing it has something to do with this news piece I read at the register yesterday?



4/20 was Hitler's birthday. 4/20/99 was the day that we had the Columbine shooting here in the states. The shooters picked that day because it was an anniversary of Hitler's b-day. Now, for some reason, 4/20 (of any sort... 4:20PM/AM or whatever) has become synonymous with smoking MJ.

That's my understanding of it anyway... :grin1:

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Well, the way I understand it, as a friend of mine explained to me once:

Apparently, I don't know if its true, '420' is the law-enforcement code for either the item or the act of..consuming the item(couldn't really remember it, it was 420 when he explained it to me ;) ).

There were other reasons as well, but that was the only one I could remember. So, usually those who partake celebrate 420, either p.m, a.m, and especially 4.20 at 4/20.

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