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In light of some info coming to the forums via other sources, this has led to some confusion.

This Post should clear some of it up.

It will be pinned for a while.


Q: What MP modes are available out-of-the-box when I've bought GRAW PC?

A: Co-op Campaign mode and TvT Domination mode. Do not confuse the Domination mode of GRAW with the Domination mode of GR1 or BF.

Q: How does the Co-op Campaign mode work?

A: You and up to three of your friends form a team and play through the single player campaign together. Any slot left open (if there are three or less humans in the game) can be filled by a ghost controlled by the AI.

The server host becomes the team leader and he is the only one who can target enemies and place nodes for the others to follow in the Tactical Map. If the team leader dies, the mission is over for the entire team.

If a client (i.e. any ghost team member who is not the team leader) dies, he takes over any AI controlled ghost alive in the team (that is, if there were any AI ghosts in the team to begin with (remember, that was an option).

You can see through your teammates’ headcam (cross-com view) at any time during the game.

There are no save points during a co-op mission, meaning that it is truly tricky to get through a mission and succeed.

It is possible to start a co-op campaign and fill only one slot (you) and leave out the three optional AI teammates: That means you play the game alone (even the missions that in single player campaign are non-lone wolf mission) all by yourself - without save points.

THAT is hardcore.

Q: How does the TvT Domination mode work?

A: There are two teams (US and Mex), starting at their own respective home base. Each team can be divided in sub-teams (fire teams), consisting of up to five members.

The map is divided into a number of zones, which from the beginning are all neutral (except for the home base of the two teams, which always belong to that team and can't be taken over by the other team), but as soon as a member of either team walks into a zone connected to a zone already held by that team (from the beginning that is of course only the base zone) that zone will begin a process of being overtaken by that team (the "ownership bar", underneath the map in the HUD, increases).

This process goes faster the more members from that team are in the zone, but stops if an equal number of members of the opposing team enter the zone.

To take over a zone which is already held by the opposing team you need to go through the process of "release" that zone from the opposing team - e.g. "neutralizing" it (the "ownership bar" goes down).

This is done by outnumbering the enemy numbers in that zone - needless to say it goes faster the more of your team you have in there. Even though your enemy owns the zone, there might be no enemies in there, as a zone taken over by one team will be held by that team until the opposing team fully "neutralizes" the zone.

In short: To take over a neutral zone you only need to stay in the zone until the "ownership bar" is entirely filled, but to take over a zone held by your enemy you need to first "release" it from their ownership, and then take it over youself (which naturally would take twice the time compared to taking over a neutral zone).

A zone whose ownership is changing starts flashing on the map - which should send the opposing team running there to look after their assets. This might however just be a distraction to lure them away from their advance elsewhere on the map, so there are many tactical layers to all of this. It's very intrigueing once you're in it - wait until youy play it.

Any zone can be neutralized, but to take it over for your own team it must be connected via a supply line (visible on the map in the HUD). This means that you can run across the map and neutralize an enemy zone - "poking holes" in their empire - but you cannot take them over until your own frontlines have reached that far.

Needless to say, it is of great importance to move together and take over zones in teams. You cannot run around on renegade missions - a team who plays tactically and know how to advance through the map as a team will run you over big time.

Up in the right corner of the screen is the map, showing the zones as well as you and your temmates' positions. Benath it, as mentioned before, is the "ownership bar" (beneath the map). There is also the "presence indicator", showing exactly the number of friendlies and enemies in your zone.

If you are alone in a zone that you own (wow, that rhymes well), and suddenly the number of enemies pops up to two - you are in trouble! Call for support or the enemy, now outnumbering you, will take over the zone - or at least neutralize it.

The flashing indication on the HUD map and the "presence indicator" makes it fruitless to go hide in the corner of the map and hope that no one will find you. Get back in line, soldier!

Tactical points are earned by killing enemies (amount of points dealt depend on if you shot the enemy in your or his zone) and neutralizing/taking over zones. You lose tactical points for shooting teammates.

Tactical points can be exchanged for heavier weapons. Standard settings are set so that you can't afford anything but the M8 and a side arm to begin with, and have to secure a set of supply lines to you earn the right to, say, a Barrett or a SAW.

Tactical points can also be exchanged for the ability to once spawn in the vicinity of you team leader, which is not always worth it, but can prove very useful every once in a while, when you want to save the time it takes to run from the home base to the front line of the battle.

You can change the number of lives each player has to dispose of - infinite, five, three or one (meaning no respawns).

Spawn camping is counteracted by making every enemy in your home base visible on the HUD map, and making anyone who spawns immortal for five seconds.

There are no red diamonds marking your enemies in the Domination mode. Do not even trust the screenshots – trust me when I say this.

Your team wins if:

A) You take over all the zones on the map (except for the enemy base zone, which cannot be taken over)

B) The match time runs out and you dominate the most zones (match time can of course be altered server-side).

C) The server was set to allow a limited number of respawns and you killed everyone in the opposing team so that they cannot respawn anymore.

Q: Why are there no TvT or DM multiplayer modes out-of-the-box?

A: Although you have been waiting for this sequel for five years, you have to remember that this does not mean that we have been working on it for five years.

We prioritized our efforts on creating a new, sophisticated MP mode to blow a breath of fresh, tactical air into the MP world, and bring something new to the community. We simply did not have the time to implement everything in the game, but the magic words are "free online add on" and "trust us". Heed those magic words!

Q: Will there be a patch to implement TvT and DM into the game?

A: Yes, it's in the works right as we speak - we know you want it, and we are passionate about bringing it to you. We do aim to plaese. We're sorry it didn't get to be out-of-the-box, but you have to acknowledge the fact that as a developer you are required to say "OK, fine, this game rocks and is more than good enough to be released - we can't keep the fans waiting any more; any more changes and additions can be done in future patches". That is a fact, and you have to acknowledge that fact.

Thanks to the Team for this information, it was very good of you to help clear up some points that may have been Misinterpreted



Producer tour in The Netherlands:

You can start a server from within the game, where you’ll find the option to host a dedicated or listen server.

If a separate dedicated server will be available during launch is unsure, it might be developed and released later.

GRAW will be using Gamespy for its internal server browser, and you don’t have to memorize IP addresses, because a favourite server save option is provided.

The server will be managed using the internal game menu, and there is at this moment no intention to create a remote console option.

When you run a dedicated server you’ll need a computer comparable with a computer you need to run the game, with the exception that a server doesn’t need a high end videocard, and needs more memory and bandwidth, depending on the number of players.

Something which was previously not possible is possible now: joining a running game. No more waiting until the game is finished, you can join whenever you want, something which is quite normal for less tactical FPS games. For people who want to stick with the old behaviour there will be an option to switch this.

Features which might get added in a patch, but which are not included in 1.0 are demo recording and ingame content download, so you’ll be able to join any server, even if you don’t have that map.

There will be no ingame voice communication, a decision which I support. There are enough good external tools available, something which GRIN has correctly taken into consideration.

There is a big difference in Dedicated server and Dedicated server files.

The game ships with a dedicated server (for better preformance) from the menu

but not with dedicated server files (for your rack servers and so on.) However such files need to be OUTSIDE OF THE RETAIL GAME

What are the system requirements in order to host your own server at home?

512Kb of upload bandwidth is the required minimum for hosting a server on a full game.

The game interface offers an option to limit the bandwidth, so that players with a limited connection can still enjoy the gameplay with less destructive effects (although cover which has been destroyed will still be destroyed), and will not drag down the other players on the same server, who have a better connection.

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DOM mode sounds really good except for the fact that everyone is forced to start off with a M8. I think it would be a good idea to let them atleast choose from one MG, one Sniper Rifle, one Assault Rifle, or one sub-mg.

People who enjoy sniping or MG probably won't be too happy to have to work towards those weapons with other ones.

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So just to clarify we dont get to choose our weapons unless, we earn the points? So how do the points work, if say for arguments sake we have 2000 points do they get shared between the squad?

And once you get to choose your weapons say for instance i want to b a sniper is there restrictions on the amount of sniper slots available?

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Hope we will see standard GR1 TDM very soon. I'm ok with DOM-only mode at a release but I think it will not cover our need for good competitive games. It will be ok to play in that on fun servers but not on matches. On such big maps in dom mode u will need many players and I didnt saw too many clans that can provide more than 10 ppl at a match. It will be good as a start mode so u can acquaint with maps, movement and guns but we will need TDM anyway.

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You would need more players in TDM than in DOM to have any action going on it seems. DOM atleast gives you the ability to have a slight clue to as what your enemy is doing without making it obvious. While in TDM on these huge maps, I foresee alot of agreements to a draw during matches when the number get low.

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It's nice to get a comple explanation but "free online add on" and "trust us" just doesn't really sit well with me at least. trust was lost with gr2 and destroyed with lockdown. i know grin didn't deal with lockdown but where ubi is there's a way. it's now "show me" and i'll believe it.

How soon will the free online add on be out?

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A few Questions:

1. How quickly are you guys likely to release the patch with more MP modes?

2. Does UBI have to aprove of and provide funding for this MP mode patch or do you already have funding and a go-ahread to produce it?

3. How many MP modes will be included in this patch and what will they be?

4. Do you plan to support all of the same MP modes as GR1 (Hamburg Hill, Last Man Standing, Sharpshooter, Seige)

5. What kind of maps/locations are avaliable for MP matches? Are they all set in Mexico City? Are you planning to release additional MP maps at some point? If so, will these maps be free or only provided in an expansion pack?

Thanks GRIN (and Colin), would appreciate any additional info you can swing our way.

Edit: Typos

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GRIN have assured us that this game will be "tactical", and I believe them. I cannot believe that the MP style of play will resemble BF2 in any way. The inability to shoot while running alone will do a lot to prevent the BF2 style of play. The domination mode has the potential to be very tactical if respawns are limited and the tactical points idea could be interesting.

But does this mean that we won't really be able to choose a particular soldier class? I guess what I'm getting at is the implications of the "exchange points for weapons" system is very unclear to me. If a weapon becomes available is that for the whole team, or just the first guy who chooses it? If I, for example, prefer using the SAW do I just have to hope that nobody else chooses it before I get the chance?

What are the "safeguards" to prevent a run and gun type game?

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