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Logo Request


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Ronin any more info about it like color, size and stuff?

In terms of color and overall look ... I would just get creative. As for size and resolution, fit for web viewing would be appropriate.

One thing to note though is that VW enthusiasts are very very anti-"rice" ... no Fast & Furious big spoiler mentality.


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The Gee Man representin!

Isn't the Polo basically the same thing as the GTI?  Werd.

:lol: You got it wrong man .. The Polo is another model, made by VW. GTI (Gasoline Turbo Injection) is an engine type .. I wish mine was a GTI, but unfortunately its a 1.0 litre Petrol ..

I am anti-rice, Although i love the sound of riced up engines but you can do that simple enough by changing the muffler tip ..

You dont really need to rice up a VW, they've got enough kick in 'em as it is ..

back on topic ..

I was going to ask the same thing as zekster did earlier ...

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This was just a week before i went to belgium ja?..

Damn i forgot.. Been so bizzeee!! But i had one on the go .. its a W.I.P at the mo, needs a bit touching up..

have a look..


same size as original, i think ...

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