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to a job WELL DONE!!!!! I'll be standing in front of the doors when the stores open. To my luck its my weekend off and i will have 6 days to play wooooooohoooo. :g_cheers: I have my cash ready to throw in the beer kitty. And GR1 will never die it will also be on my hard drive, rdy to go back and play every once in a while for the memories. Thanks GRIN you have made my day

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Congratulations to the whole GRIN team!!  :g_cheers:

Lets hope for a great game, and alot of sales for you guys.  :grin1:  :grin1:

I think being the first game out to support the ageia processor might just help to sell a few more copies.......... :grin1:

I bet Bo and the others are celebrating right now even before the game gets into the retail channels......GO GRIN


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and it will released without standalone-server

:thumbsup:  :wall:

Are you shure about this? That seems like an incredible stupid thing to do, but maybe they don´t want servers for people to play on, I shure as hell wont buy an extra copy to put up a server....

yep iam "very sure" .. ask grin.. and u see

Well, that is a nice way to keep the amount of servers to a minimum.

its also a nice way to make players move onto other games where there are plenty of servers for them to play on, as opposed to a limited number players gaming because of limited number of servers.

since GRIN is a new game dev to me, i will give them a chance.

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Congratulations GRIN  :g_cheers: !

Now. Me dont want to see another screenshot or video... Me wanna PLAY the demo!

;) Mike

Why the heck is everyone so worried about a demo? We all are so nuts about this game we're gonna buy regardless. If you're a 'wait and see' type that needs a demo, you'll just wait to hear reactions from the first people to buy and play it then decide.:hmm:

May 3rd huh? So I'm guessing NEWEGG will be getting a lot of video card, RAM, mobo and processor orders starting on the 4th.... heheh Let the upgrading begin!


uh ...no. I wasnt the wait and see type ....till rainbowquake: 4 letdown.

I got burned by ubi when it came to support and patches in RvS(good game anyways) because each patches that came out didnt fix what it said it was going to and added more bugs each time. Then came letdown ... I saved my money by playing the demo. Granted, from what I see so far graw looks great and the features r everything I've dreamed of ......but PLAYING is believing. I could care less what other ppl think of the game If I like it ...I like it ...if I dont ....I dont. However i refuse to blindly buy another game that has any association with ubisoft without a demo first. even if it comes after the retail release.

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It's official like a referees whistle... :whistle:

@colin, when can i expect UBI to debit my bank account for my preorder?

Mine has already been done today. :thumbsup:

Checked my bank online...nothing yet. But I'll guess that next week will be the time frame. But "earlier" wouldn't be bad. :rofl:

@ Grin as a whole, go ahead and rest. I'm sure you'll need the rest for the next expansion pack. :whistle:

pfft they took the money right out of my account the day i pre ordered it, and i didnt have the money in the bank that day and was charged 30 more bucks (ubi said they wouldnt charge my account untill the product was in stock... riiiight)..

lol game better be worth it :shifty:

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Is it just me or has GRIN been unusually quiet since the "gone gold" announcment? Wonder what they are up to now ;) Hehe

Can anyone say demo tomorrow? Hehe...Spook crosses his fingers!

Yearh, I noticed that as well. Silence before the storm? ...UBI has a good trackrecord of releasing new files on a friday....

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