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Ghost + G36K?

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Ok. First of all alittle guide to telling the different G36's apart.  :whistle:


Mainly just look at the length of the front handgrip and how much of the barrel that sticks out.

@3rdMillhouse: I'd be impressed if you could tell by the screenie was a G36K instead of a G36C by just looking at the stock as they are virtually identical. Ok fair enough the G36E and G36K have a different stock than the G36C but the only difference between the 2 is that the G36C stock is 3 centimeters shorter than the E and K stock  ;)

Check again my post, while reading through the quoted ones and you'll see that I said that the buttstock design was a way of telling the diference between the XM8 and the G36 family (I used K variant as an example). Or you'll not? Badly written post. I should've seen it comming.

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Ehm, it says below "Available in both singleplayer and multiplayer"

Hopefully this has not changed as it could be an old screen =)

I'd be willing to bet that's a "NO"

I know the directory structure says "PC," and I think I even remember that picture beingcalled a PC screenshot, but that is DEFINATELY a 360 style hud information pane, and I'm pretty sure a render of the 360 G36K. It also bears remembering that before the 360 release (and when there was almost no PC media), several 360 shots were categorized as PC shots (Gamespot was particularly bad about this).

Also, it would generally violate one of GRIN's 4 rules about putting "new guns" in the game, since a similar purpose and feel would be occupied by the M8 we know is in there. Hell, since we even have shots of the "Mexican" side using M8s in multiplayer (the i27 photos that FPSForces took), I'd even be willing to bet that G36Ks are not a player-usable weapon.

Of course, I could be totally wrong on this :D

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