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GRAW on Giga (german show)

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Tomorrow they will preview GRAW at Giga Games. Giga is a german show and if I should compare it, I will say it's like 1up

It starts at 2200 GMT+1 and they have an internet stream :thumbsup:

Here are the exact times of the show your you all:

For you Europeans it starts at 22.00 GMT+1

For East Coast it is 4 PM

For West Coast it is 1 PM

Replay starts:

Europeans 01.00 GMT+1 on Thursday

East Coast 7PM on Wednesday

West Coast 4PM on Wednesday

A normal show looks like this:

They talk about one game and show a bit of it, then they switch to the next main game for the evening and so on returning to other games then and talk more and show more.

Complete show goes 2 hours. It will be in german what they talk, but we all love if we see some footage of the game or? :o=

Giga Homepage

Video Stream

Other main games they feature at the show tomorrow are

Konsole: Fifa World Cup Germany 2006

MAXX: UT 2004: SAS-Mod

Replay of the show will be at 0100 GMT+1 which should be more an american friendly time

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