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Ubisoft Official Release Date

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I did but it was deleted!

I can vouch for that, because I tried to reply to his post but before I could it said it had been moved/deleted. :unsure:

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just for my own sanity..........

I also preordered from UBI.....in hopes that it is like the 360 vesion and sent a lil earlier.....It has said..................

HOLY ######!!!!!!!!!!! this is what mine says now: 68280 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighterâ„¢ - PC

Expected ship: 27-Apr-2006 :cheers:

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Awhile ago....although while showing a squad mate that ss, he went and preordered thru ubistore and he got the same ship date..... :D

So Ill be playing saturday!!!!!!!!!!

It will be like what they did with the 360!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!!!! :showoff::wub::hehe::rambo::party:

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I really hope this is not someone sick joke.  It looks like I will be playing the game tomorrow.

UBI store is showing that my copy has just shipped today.

:party:  :drunk:  :cheers:

:o If you guys get the game this week I am going to..... emm going to.... going to... cry :wall:

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