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Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this has been brought up before but I'm sure it has. I did a search in the GR:AW PC forum and didn't find anything so I thought why not throw it out there. It would be nice to get the community to idle on Mirc. TWL has started one (www.teamwarfare.com) and I figured well why not try and get people in here. BTW TWL is a ladder/league community for those who don't know. They will also be starting up a branch for GR:AW. It would just be a place for everyone to live chat, share info, and eventually clans can get in here and set up scrims and get organized. It is a useful tool that uses barely any resources so idling in it sucks up no PC energy. I figured it would be worth a shot to throw the idea out there. Here are more detailed instructions on getting it.

Download & Install mIRC

- Go to http://www.mirc.com/get.html - Download mIRC version 6.17

- Install mIRC

Choosing the Server

-Put in your name, e-mail, and nickname

-Click the sunshine next to Connect to Server button

-Under Irc server select Gamesurge:Random Server

-Hit OK and go to File, Connect

Adding the Channel

-Click favorites then Add to favorites

-For channel put #twl_gr and click join on connect. Now go to Favorites, more, and select it and join it.

-Repeat for #twl_grawscrim if interested when the game comes out to look for scrims to practice for matches. (mostly clan leaders will want to be here)

*It says 30 day trial and then its over, but its not. After 30 days you can keep goin!

Hope to see yall on there!

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For all you Europeans join Quakenet & following channels:



Slowly we're getting more people as GRAW is more & more in the media.

Is it finally really owned by CB or still random people registering it :)

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its looking good. i already see more people joining and idling. thanks to everyone going along with the idea!

thanks jester to linking me here..hey guys...im agent..TWL (www.teamwarfare.com) Competition Manager

we have recently (thanks to this thread) have had a growing amount of traffic coming to our IRC channel. You are all welcome..the more the merrier..feel free to discuss what you want. if GR.net has a problem with this let me know..i will be sure to have the thread edited. If anyone has any questions/comments about our ladders feel free to drop me an email agent@teamwarfare.com or ask me on IRC..im a irc whore..so im always on :-)..cant wait for GRAW...and i am very greatful to GR.net for all their info and time they are taking on keeping us up to date.

thanks again,

agent out

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wh one thing i dont know  how to do is to join 2 servers at one. anyone know how? lol (i have to be on the xynide server for my text absed games lol)

just open up another mirc program...just reopen it..and then do it that way..u can have multiple windows open at once

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Theres an option when you connect to a server that reads:New Server window, check this.

or do that

DOH! how can i forget such easyt things lol. i should be on tomarow if my internet doesnt mess up like it has been tonight

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