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PCFormat "behind the scenes" article Pt 2

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in the latest PC Format magazine (#187 - May 2006) there is a "behind the scenes" article on ArmA & Game2

Here is a sample of what they said on Game2

Game2 uses an entirely new game engine, co-developed with VBS2 military software

The dynamic radio system that let AI report events without scripting in OFP, has morphed into a system that allows you to have a meaningful chat with any AI.

Talking to an AI soldier at Bohemia's studio, PCF witnessed something greater than the conversation tree we were expecting, For example, an AI soldier may randomly have something in his inventory, like a letter from his girlfriend, He may try to show it to you, and talk about it, Refuse and you risk demoralising him. on the other hand he could also have chosen to show the letter to another AI and the same conversation could have happened between them, all dynamically

~and many thing in the game are random like this, For example, you may capture a guy and he wont talk to you because your just a soldier. But you can take him back to camp and have him interrogated

Two hours later, your side may know the location of an enemy base , because you took that guy back to the camp

Unlike OFP, Game2's mission editor can be used in 3D so modders can playtest their missions instantly

There is also a feature BIS calls The Library

All content in Game2 is an add-on, whether it came with the game officially or not. the Library keeps track of add-ons in the mission editor, listing additional data such as vehicle speed and armour values so designing a mission becomes easier to balance

Models are detailed down to the individual engine notes of vehicles (BIS popped the hood of a hummer to show us)

the AI is already unbelievable: NPC's intelligently search for high vantage points during combat, changing their tactics if backed by armour.

All flora is generated procedurally with BIS own rival to Speedtree

Game2 is already the ultimate warzone sim and BIS has two years development time left
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