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New Ageia GR:AW footage

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Lol, sometimes bigger is better, but not when all it does is make it bigger and keep the resolution the same. Still....

Hey GRIN, does stuff really fall that slowly in the game, or could Ageia have turned gravity down? (is there a cheat for that :D?).

Also, it seems like there are "chunks" flying past the ghost who fired those grenades, is it possible to be hit by those chunks, or is it just a blast radius?

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It looks like the wave of the future so we'll all be getting one eventually. The question is which of us is gonna be an early adopter.

I'm careful about buying first gen kit. I paid big bucks for my graphics card a few years ago cause it had just came out, i thought i was getting a certain hardware feature (think it was dx9 support at the time) but it turned out to be software only.

I'll hold off on it at first and hope i dont happen to see too many more lovely videos of it so im not even aware of what i'm missing. ;)

Also, in a way won't tha ageia effects put you at a slight disadvantage in mp. I mean with all that debris and particles/smoke around wont your vision past it be more obscured then your enemy on the other side of it is if he has a regular card?

P.S. when the debris hits the ground near you do you get to hear it? more work for desmond is it.

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i see it as a way to increase performance in GRAW...

if all physics are dedicated to the agiea chip.. and i can get a 20fps+ framerate.. then way not..

if its just for explosions and stuff... $300 just to see a bigger explosion?

So are all physics dedicated to the ageia chip?? ie AI, expplsions, objects etc..

or is it only a few things?

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I have to say; I cant see anything in this video that cant be made WITHOUT a PPU. Comeon AGEIA, a few extra shrapnels from a container, along with some extra sprites is not going to make us buy this product.

I hope we can somehow "unlock" the extra shrapnels/sprites and so on without having to invest in this card, ok so the stress will be bigger on our CPU, im aware of that, but I can live with that.

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