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Happy Holidays

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Yea go home and relax guys, & play some GR classic...That is what we other do. The game still rules you know :rocky: ...at least for a while longer...

...Also, hide those Easter eggs full of candies for your kids (if you have any) and perhaps put some extra well hidden surprises in the game too?

Glad PÃ¥sk!

(Happy Easter Holidays in Swedish)

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I think they just broke out the Champagne from the sounds of things. I may be reading to much into this, but maybe it has gone gold or something else. :ph34r:

I think you could be right. Lots of hints and ( :grin3: ) flying around.

Something is a foot, that's for sure. Maybe there's an easter egg laying around somewhere.

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The GRIN team is now heading for 4 days of Holidays and some serious and well deserved rest.

**********************            :ph34r:          *********************

Have a relaxing holiday


Thanks Bo & Crew! :rofl: !

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