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New Cross-com and Tactic map screens

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Y'all should try flight sims. They can be very noticable, especially flying at very high altitudes. It is something that can't be helped sometimes. With GRAW, outside of when flying around, you will not notice them.

Game art's an obsession of mine, and I can say for sure that the pattern shouldn't be that noticeable. If you want any more proof look at the ground textures in other screenshots.

Still repeating, of course, but you don't read it instantly.

HUGE grounds to cover my friend. This is a NON linear mission approach. Got to allow some repetition or else you wont play it on the low end. Show me a inch by inch modelled game and I'll show you a small game :) However you wont notice that when you play - the shot is taken with a straight angle on the texture seem so it is a bit unfortunate I guess.

I love most of the GRAW ground textures I've seen, honestly. And I fully understand that you need repeating textures.

The patterm in that shot really sticks out, though.

Anyway, hopefully you're right about noticing it. At the very least, most people probably won't. :unsure:

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I agree Sup, that texture is rather glaringly repetitious. It is not horrid per say, and I do understand where you are coming from Bo, but I don't know that area just seems bad.

Everquest 2 had this same issue everywhere, and yes to me it is rather annoying.

I am not the biggest graphics hound, since I still love most of the DOS games compared to what is shoveled out now :whistle: . I do think that there is a way to get are=ound this, but it would be more work. Utilising ground markers trash objects to break the composition a bit. yeah I know it is a bit nagging, but some of us are a bit mroe obsessive/ compulsive than others.

Other than the repeating textures the screens don't look to bad at all. Good luck with it, always take care, be safe, and farewell


^._.^ meow!

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