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New Cross-com and Tactic map screens

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Wow, even though it's kind of colour drenched in the cross come view you can see how sharp the world looks. Very nice.

Ok i'm harping on about it but from the latest vid trailer that was released and certain screen shots and especially these tac map and these cross come pics and even the fact that a lot of media for the PC release seems to filter through none english speaking sites . . . i feel the hand of (restricted media)at work. I mean on the one hand they want to give the fans the media they are dying for but on the other hand so far it all gives us a taste of the beauty of the game without a real blow out look at how lovely it is.

Even the preview was in a darkened level with mostly black and white cross com footage. It all looks great even so and we are glad to get any media but i feel that it's being sqeezed through the 'xbox360 clear run' window.

I mean i've theorised before that MS has somehow gotten UBI to give their own console GRAW (and therfore the XBOX360 GRAW) release a somewhat wide birth. Before it's release there was almost no GRAW PC media except early build and after it's been sparse but more tellingly angled so it's not so clear how great GRAW PC is going to look. (a good example is the detail on that tree in the desert cross com pic, if we saw that in colour our jaws would drop even more).

In a way they have been trying to show us GRAW PC without 'showing up' the 360.

I theorised that the real GRAW PC media would start to flood about the half way point between the 360 GRAW and PC GRAW release date. I think my prediction was pretty on. The flood gates are starting to open now and i think the really telling images of GRAW PC are yet to come.

The real footage that totally shows GRAW PC's ace'ness ;) is just around the corner i think.

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Poita I respect your opinion, but honestly, this X360 vs. PC conspiracy theories talk is getting old. The media hype pretty much started at the end of March and it can´t be on full scale yet because you can overhype things too early and thats basically when people start to get tired of hype. Media hype is very important, especially for the first 2 weeks sales and when it is properly executed, it can make quite a difference.

Don´t take this personal. :thumbsup:

Nice new screenshots, I like the camera effects, like grain and depth of field!

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No kay i don't take it personally. I never do when someone puts their point as politely as you did. I appreciate it thanks.

However when the subject of media comes up i can't seperate the subject of 'lack of media' or what the possible cause of that might be so i have no choice but to mention that.

I never personally called my 'theory' a 'conspiracy'. I just think it's a plain theory and i happen to agree with them for doing it. It makes sense from a marketing point of view, it's just not that much fun from a fan point of view.

My theory makes sense for the exact reason you stated. The too much hype too early idea doesn't make sense cause loads of games release detailed screen shot even years before release.

you said that media hype is very important, espeically in the first two weeks of sales when it is properly executed . . . well thats exactly my point. leading up to and especially the first two weeks of 360GRAW have been executed perfectly and one big factor of that was making sure no other version got in the way and gave it an unfavorable comparisen. Can you imagine write ups about GRAW360 where they state, " it's really nice but the PC media is bettter".

My theory wasn't that UBI 'dindn't' want to hype GRAW PC early it was that MS didn't want them to and probably gave them some incentives to hold back till 360 GRAW was out of the gate and got some ground covered.

I'm sorry if some get tired of reading the same thoughts but i call them as i see them.

Now that we are in the closing stretch i don't care so much case in a hand full of weeks we'll have PC GRAW and from the limited media that has finally come out it looks to be a stonker.

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As usual nice screens. Actually as of late, even nicer screens :thumbsup:

I have one question about this screen in particular:

Tactical Map Screen: Tango diamonds shown through a building

- If the tangos are inside the building, how are they showing up on the tactical map view? Aren't the tangos sheltered from the view of any drones or satellites?

- Is this perhaps a situation in which one of the Ghost has visual contact on the indoor tangos?


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yes..yes..YES! thousands of times  :blink:  where have you all been...living under the rock?

So you mean the Tactical Map's orbital satellites and drones will find you even if you're under your rock? :huh:

Perhaps, only if a Ghost has a visual on you (under your rock), will his Tactical Map automatically be updated?

I just want confirmation of what I'm seeing in the static screen shot in question. If you have an opinion on what is taking place, an intelligent response would be helpful to everyone here.


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They're so on the roof.

the problem is that this is Real-time Satellite "photo" so you Would see them being there, but are they? they are inside, for sure!

EDIT: or maybe not! See Textures? how repetitive they are? That tells us one thing: Your field of vision is not good. Maybe because taken from not that good PC, so soldiers "arent" there....thats why these Triangles.....

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