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The Translated Bo Interview

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Well, desmond22 may have beat me to providing a translation for the interview here, but it looks like I've been given clearance to share my subtitled* video work anyways :)

Besides, I've got desmond beat. I mean why would you want to flip between your video player and the forums anyway? :)

GRAW BO Interview - translated at file front.

Thanks to Rocky for throwing this up on FF for me.

I'm working on getting a mirror for you guys at the GR Retreat as well.

Edit: Fast download at 3d Retreat mirror here

And thanks to GRIN of course.

Hope you enjoy :)

* (It should be noted that my only qualification for doing translations is having dropped out of Chinese school after 6 years :D)

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That was very funny. Laughed at the going crazy having to spend time at GR.net forums and the the game is late becuase we play coop all day. :D

I think BO is used to being miss-quoted though.


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Bo, you guys should make some expansion packs quick. UBIsoft will send you guys on another all expense paid vacation trip. :rofl::rofl:

shooting from behind ears and antlers of large animals... :rofl::rofl:


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Server Down? Oh man, no way can I let this happen.

Hang tight boys, another mirror on the way!!

Yeah and I wanted to see it too. I am busting a gut here just reading the responses to said video without knowing what was said.

Bo, you best not be drinking Pepsi's. :grin2:

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That is funny, I bet everyone at GRIN is busting a gut over this. Thanks for the temporary mirror reb.

Bo, we make fun of y'all cuz we like ya. I hope you enjoy the laughs as much as we do. It could be worse, everyone could be blasting y'all (not that we would let that happen).

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