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Random Siege


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Just wondering if anyone knows why in all this 1000 variation customization multiplayer setup they left out the ability to play random siege?

With only 10 maps we need all the variations possible and being able to have a random siege point to defend as well as having the attacking team spawn in random locations is sorely missed.

Any one find a way to mimmick this? One defense zone random on the map with attackers spawning randomly? No respawns.

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I spent some time messing around with the settings and the closest I could come up with was.

Team Territory

1 Fixed Random Zone

No Respawns

Score is control time

Victory is Time

This basically assigns a random siege point at the start of the round. Logically the team closest to the base gets there first and becomes the defending team while the other team attempts to kill them all or take the base back.

Was actually real fun. After 3 weeks straight of straight siege on 10 maps I had grown weary of my favorite game...this definitely mixed it up for me now. Got to see parts of the map I've never noticed. And defending was completely new as the "standard" approach points were all changed up.

One thing though..Under advanced settings the Team Start location is set to Random..but it's NEVER random. Both teams always start at the same location every single round.

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