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Soldier detained in grenade attack on 101st Airbor


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The soldier was repremanded for conduct in the field, and the next day he was supposed to be given his punishment, well instead of waiting till this war was over, he threw a grenade into the tents yell ''Were under attack''. Someone saw him do it thats probally how he got shot once or twice.

The media keeps saying he did it because he is a muslim and possibly didnt like the way the war is going, we may never know. Only thing that is certain is that hes going to do hard time and he might possibly get a death sentence. (all just speculation of course)

More info will surface later

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If it had been me, I wouldnt have missed his head and chest and shot him in the leg, thats for sure.

He'd be a dead man.

Not liking the way the war is going is one thing. Being a concientious objector is one thing.

Fragging your own comrades is a death sentence.

They need to let his injured comrads mete out justice on this one.

Tie a phosphorous frag to his crotch with a 100 foot string, walk away and pull the pin.

###### traitor.

We have enough to worry about over there without worrying about our own.

You shouldnt have to worry about your own.

Had he done that to my comrades, he'd never see a courtroom.

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  • 2 weeks later...
I just realized that Soup31314 is assigned to Camp Pennsylvania... Anyone heard from him lately?

I knew soup was active but not his location... is your info from a reliable source zjj?

My only contact with Soup was through these forums, I hope he is okay.

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This is what was posted by Soup before he left. The thread is on page 12 of this forum and is called "Soup is Leaving". This post is on page 2 of that thread.

Hey thanks Rocky

I wouldnt mind my name placed on the front page. Maybe the only time that ever happens. hehehehe. I really hope that this modder expansion pack come together. I need for some one to save me a copy if it does come together.

Thanks guys.

The snail mail addy over there is

any soldiers (or ron garnett)

B co. 3/7 inf, 1 BCT, 3ID

Camp Pennsylvania

APO AE 090303

Donation would be great. hehehehe 

If you do send copenhagen snuff, and smokes.

Really guys thanks for the support. Hope to have wife write updates.

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Maybe should mail him? What do you think, I don't see why not.....

I am going to send him a letter, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone else has heard from him? We all know how slow the postal system can be sometimes... :huh:

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If you look closely he wasn;t in camp at the time of the 101st grenade attack as Soup is with the 3rd ID and was already in Iraq at the time. That still does not mean that he is OK, as his particular unit could have been ambushed (unlikely) or he has been wounded in a firefight. Now I haven't heard his name on the news so it's possible that he is OK. Scared ######less, but OK.

Also with him being in a front line unit (at this time) it may be a while before he got a piece of mail sent today.

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@ Phantoms Shadow - the reason I posted here was that this topic was about what happened to Camp Pennsylvania and Soup was with that unit...

Update on Soup.... Talked with his wife and he is no longer with Camp PA. His address is

Sgt. Ronald C. Garnett, III

2nd Platoon, Bravo, 3-7 IN, 1BCT

Unit # 93107

APO AE 09303-3107

Mail call is a highlight of their day. If you get a chance to drop him a line he would appreciate it.

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