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GR.net GRAW PC Preview

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Nice preview Colin and Zero Alpha, finally its out.

Can you comment on the zooming with scope? Any similarities to any other games, fast to zoom, can't run while zooming?

The description of movement got me all worked up :D

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Thanks guys for the review. :thumbsup: Sounds like a lot of good things to look forward to. Bummer to hear no doors to open as that is a real tension raising aspect in gameplay and in an urban environment it really makes no sense. No limp,no opening doors,no switching soldiers. :( Looks like some of my GR favs didn't fair to well with GRIN's axe.

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Great preview, made me all tingle  :rolleyes:

One question, have you noticed if you could move while leaning?

I'm pretty sure that you can, I remember them saying you could even lean in mid-slide going to the ground after a run, which is pretty remarkable.

I would just like to say that this preview got me middy and I am dying to play this game. I don't think I've had this much excitement for a game ever. :o=

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Looking forward to making friends with a lot of you guys and playing MP-I really am pleasantly surrpised with how this has turned out!

Thanks again to all those that made a ton of info possible-unnecessarily. It's unbelievable the team from GRIN took the time to implement ideas and suggestions just by reading this website.

It's great to be excited about Ghost Recon again!

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First I'd like to say thank you to UBI, Bo, Colin, and Zero Alpha. We all waited for this report and it just felt like it took forever (like watching water come to a boil).

Zero Alpha since you are a part of Team [GRNET], I'm sure you understand the importance of having a robust co-op mode. I understand that the game will ship with 4 player co-op (a painful thought). I know Bo stated in your report that "a minor feat of modder magic will open up the number of slots available". Bo also suggested "8 was probably a safe maximum number but trial and error will tell us what our systems can handle". Co-op is so important to my group, we only play co-op. Having 4 player co-op out of the box is going to kill a lot of activity on our server (possibly just leave the server empty).

I just want someone to tell me if I'm interpreting this correctly.

- 8 would be a "safe maximum" co-op number, but the actual co-op limit really depends on the hosting server. Is that a precise interpretation?

- Bo, the report does not mention anything about when the Modding/Editing Tool will be ready for download. Is it possible that the Modding/Editing Tool would be ship with the game?

-Will there be any other maps besides urban settings, shipped with the game?

Colin and Zero Alpha, I trust that you both understand what "it JUST FELT RIGHT" means. I can only wait and see what arrives in May. Bo you haven't let us down, I trust you as well. If Colin and Zero Alpha feel that GR:AW was well worth the wait, GRIN must have done GR:AW PC â€rightâ€.


GR1 also didn't ship with binoculars, that was also strange. However we did get our trusty binoculars from one of the Mission Packs. Perhaps Bo, you guys can equip us with binoculars in one of the up coming Mission Packs as well?


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