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major, thats funny cos i was HIGHLY dissapointed in the first few missions. i thought it was just a lot more of the same ... just harder. waitll you get to the last few -- pretty cool stuff. also check out the mp maps like marketplace and island village. awesome solo or firefight maps.

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Got it yesterday - one of the first copies in NZ :rolleyes:

Excellent gameplay and graphics. Just completed the game in easy mode - much harder than the first two games. Veteran and Elite should be fun.... :huh:

I love the way the chopper explodes in the last mission when you take it out with an M136 :D

The silenced version of the M4 is my favourite weapon on this game. Though the grenade launcher that the German specialist has can be fun :o=

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Whoa, I didn't know that about the helicopter -- I, too, just killed everybody.  I'll have to try that when I have time.

Me neither! :(

Me neither!

I did notice in Igor that it is a dynmaic map object but I couldn't hide it for some reason ( you can hide the buses on the Embassy map for example).

I also discovered a 'bug' of sorts on this map (the IT one) - the enemy inside the main building in the compound on the mountain will shoot you through the walls if you stand in the wrong spot. I couldn't figure who was killing me and it took me quite a while to figure what was happening :wacko:

Hmmm, think I'll go stick a rocket up that chopper :o=


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Another interesting thing in m08 of IT is the exploding sheds within the compound. Are they set to go off when Ghosts are near, or do they have a set time. I don't remember if they mention it in the briefings (I skip those), but has anyone else seen this and have an explanation?

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I see there are five buildings with dynamic roofs. I never saw them explode in this mission whenever I have played it, but I see from the scripting they are mostly proximty triggered so if you don't go near the relevant buildings you won't see it.

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