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Apart from that good read, although I think we managed to get some more juicy details out of our visit (just waiting for the green light to publish that tomorrow.)

I guess no one caught this early post........I bet the GR.net review will rock........til tommorrow.......... :rofl:



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=silent_op,Apr 6 2006, 07:59 PM]

I'm so excited about GR:AW. This is going to be one long month...

That Loadedinc.com review was exactly what I need to read. I'm still interested in reading the GR.net's staff report. Does UBI have the report Colin?

Yes we should be getting it back tomorow. :yes:

Yeaahhh, looking forward for the report. I like the loadedinc report. Can't wait for the game, too exciting... too exciting, no more sugar for me... lol :rofl::yes::lol::rofl:

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GRAW also boasts an interesting stamina system. Your soldiers can sprint, and fast crawl indefinitely. There is no bar that runs out and forces you to walk whilst under heavy fire to the next piece of cover. Instead if your sprint for to long you’ll find that your aiming has gone all to hell and that your trooper has the shakes, forcing you to take cover until you get your breath back.

Just simply awesome!! :yes::thumbsup:

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You know I saw a quote from Bo that said that as GR has stood the test of time...So will GR:AW. To me thats pretty strong and good stuff. Because after the Missions and Coop modes have all been played and mastered,one comes to the MultiPlayer online experience for the real deal action. To me that was/is the ultimate essence of GR. Having 20-26 online players going at it tooth and nail over the internet....for hours on end.And I can honestly say that no 2 games of MP online GR have ever been the same.

Hows that for a deal for my $90 bux spent on the GR+DS+IT!!! The hour is fast approaching... I for one CANT WAIT

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I'm amazed at the level of detail for the city. Especially the streetlights and so forth. GR for it's time was hi-tech. but with the dropoff in the road (upperleft) will make it hell for those trying to avoid snipers :drool:link to image

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