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Well my order is in! BIA has my money, all I have to do is wait, and boy am I excited! I've been pouring over the various sites reading up on all the features, capability, Addons, and I feel like a kid at Christmas again!

Hope to see some of you guys 'in game' -- only, VBS1 isn't quite a 'game' is it!?


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Hope to see you guys soon for some MP action. Its really nice to see new people moving over to VBS.

If at any point (after you have recieved your VBS cd with USBkey) and you have acces to the official forums you can also ask for acces at vbs1.info to get additional addons. You will have to register there (vbs1.info) and in the official forums (vbsresources.com) sent SniperAndy or Wildgoose a PM with your USBkey number and your username at vbs1.info and than they can give you full acces to more free addons.

Welcome to the community :)

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