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The problem is the people you are playing with and against do not use coordinated tactics. If you do, then the people playing against you are going to start losing and dying left and right.

This is true. I was playing some squad games of sharpshooter with some of my regular gaming buds on my team, 4 on 4 matches against general public. We usually avoid sharpshooter and play LMS or Siege, but were having trouble getting the room to fill up on that night.

Anyway, we were able to win 80% of our games, usually fairly easily. We were not accustomed to the Sharpshooter gameplay, but simply letting each other know where the enemy was, and having each person take responsibilty for a part of the map gave us a big advantage. We were able to keep the R-N-G crowd in check.

Even though it was fun to beat the R-N-G guys, I still would have preferred to play against another group of more tactical players. :ph34r:

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Plus remember there is an add-on HD DVD drive coming for the 360 (via usb) - rumored to be $150 compared to the current $700-800 price point for a stand alone drives coming on the market.

Does that mean MS might offer the HD drive as the standard in the 360 at a future date? IF that is the case, I will wait a bit longer before picking up a 360. I'm really not in a hurry.

No. Not at all.

MS has stated that the HD-DVD drive will always be a stand-alone product, so they don't alienate anyone if the format fails. Which is highly unlikely, anyways.


You guys keep bashing RSE, here.

Cut 'em some slack. They did a great job, and we all know it. The controls are great; I really don't see why people complain about this.

I find it much easier to aim with an Xbox controller than I do with a mouse.

Edit: And I'm sad to see you go, Moe. It was a fun time.

I have this feeling that you'll be back, though. I'm not sure why. :yes:

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How stupid. You just sold the best gaming console that has ever been made. Can that be argued? PC gamers are going to spend soooo much more money; different cards, mouses, controllers, processors etc.

Just because you didn't care for the 360 version of GRAW, you sold the ENTIRE system? Guess no more games are coming out for the 360.

Why didnt someone tell me or i would have sold mine too!!!!!!

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