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Why 'Close' the Injuries Topic?


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I think it was destined to become a thread loop of repeat-question-repeat-winge-repeat-question.

I must admit if you actualy read the thread just from GRIN replies all the answers were stated clearly enough.

Shame it got a bit heated froma few though, but it did serve its purpose, not much more could be added I dont think.

( I suppose a final post from the "locker" would have helped a little bit I guess, people who are new to the thread see it come to an abrupt end with a funny post from Bo ... does look odd LOL).

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There seemed to be some good discussion going on re: injuries, and suddenly the topic is closed! ######?!?

I was surprised too.


It was first topic with facts that made me think that maybe GRAW is not going to be so perfect and so GR1 like.

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Thanks admins for combining my topic to the unjury thread. I didn't want it to be taken the wrong way.

There is a right way and a wrong way to ask questions or state an opinion. The injury post started our right... but then headed wrong (I imagine there may have been a few posts removed also) I can remember how heated the limp topics got in GR1 and imagine it was a "extinguish the flame before the whole house burns down" admin decision.

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I'll take all the blame. I asked for it to be closed. Direct all your anger this way.

the admins arent gonna do something just cause u asked them, if they feel it needs to be closed, :offtopic: its closed!

When asked by a member to look into a thread for closing, I will after I have had a chance to check it out to see if it warrants closing. If I agree that it has run it's course and people do not heed any warnings to get the thread back on track, it will be closed. Sometimes, the best way for moderators or staff members to become aware of some threads are by the very members of this forum who "self police" themselves. Goes to show how much people enjoy the "calm" found here compared to other places.

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