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Who Wouda Thunk It?

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Who Wouda Thunk It??? Only a week ago we were back in the cycle of post after post on both forums talking about "WHERE IS OUR INFORMATION!!!". Now we are here...totally psyched about this game and not even a thought about whether or not it is coming out. I am just waiting on pins and needles now.

I can tell you this much...if they would have run those viral ads about one a week, that alone would have stopped my bitching and moaning. I'm just very pleased we are where we are now!!!

Also, I don't know who was responsible for choosing GRIN as the developer for GR:AW PC, but they need a raise or a promotion, BIG TIME!!! I can’t believe I am saying this about a UBI game without a demo or the game even being released yet, but GRIN has a way of showing us that they seem to really care about this game and have put allot in to it.


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