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Absolutely frickin' hilarious! :lol:

As said before, probably the best campaign that never quite happened! Beautiful videos, one and all. Though the best have got to be Frankfurt, Mexico 1 & 2, and Val d'Isere.


P.S. Who did they get to do the London one? :lol:

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These videos were made by the Ludifactory studios Team in Paris, and mexico 1 and 2 are provided by Magic Lab, the 3d studio who made the E3 2005 GR3 Trailer.

In the voices made for these, you can eard the guy from london who is singing, and he is also in the "val d'isère video, he plays the leader...

This team as also done the Xbox 360 Developpement diaries, the 'point of no return" trailer and lot's of other thing for ubisoft.


Thanks for info! :thumbsup: Thanks again for sharing these masterpieces! :D

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What are you guys talking about? All I get is an empty index page. Nothing to do with javascripts enabled either.. .  :huh:

It appears someone (or some company, can't imagine which one) has decided to pull a C&D.

I see, did anyone happen to save a copy or two? :)

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