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GRAW Virals

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I love the all. They're so original. My top 3 favorites:

The Garden City one with the dude with the guitar. LMAO his rage at the end is awesome. Exactly what we were feeling when we were thinking the worst for the GR Franchise.

The Osaka Japan video one is good too. The ending stunk but the way the Japanese dude was talking you could feel the anger it was pretty funny. How the delay made them all less honorable, hahaha.

Mexico 1 and 2, but two is better. Part of the lyric goes something like "we'll deliver 'fore you're in your grave" :lol:


For some reason I can't download the last one in the French version. The UBI response :(

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Awesome stuff - especially the one with the Ghost's & Santa! :D

i'm going to frankfurt!

I'll join ya! :D I gotta....uh...teach this female proper German! :whistle:

Oh yeah and I need to get my bloodpressure checked as well! :wub:

Uhm.....gotta go! :drool:

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:rofl: who the hell made this video? those blokes need to be entered for some award for humor.

4 soldiers, just standing in the middle of the road..um that appears to be whiteknight77, rocky, Colin and Deleyt.

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