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New Map but maybe not


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Hello guys,

anyone who read my recent posts will know that I'm working on my first map.

I'ts now nearly ready (a couple of minor repairs, a command map and maybe a mission to go before it's done). :lol:

This has really been just an educational exercise for me but I wouldn't mind releasing to get some feedback. (I do think it's kind of funky but you might disagree)

And here's the problem............ :blink:

I was supposed to have got my website set up by now but things have gone a little sideways in that respect.

Is there any way to do this without a site (via the GRNet site or Email or something)

Also what's the best format? Zip. click, RAR etc?

Many Thanks ;)

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On a similar topic,

I'm just working my way through the multiplayer document to set up all the various zones.

This has been the reason for the delay as I've added three buildings to the map to give additional cover to the various zones (my sparse arctic landscape is feeling a little urban).

One question I have is regarding the SP/ Coop base.

It says that this is a team base with the box checked.

Is it possible to have a separate zone for this or does it have to be one of the four team bases? :huh:

I'd rather ask the question now rather than screw up and release faulty goods

Many thanks, Phlook :thumbsup:

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Finished at last :D

I've uploaded the file and it should make it to the downloads page early next week.

The map is called Blue Ivan and comes with a fairly simple mission.

I suppose it is now in beta testing so I would really appreciate any comments (good or bad) to put any problems right.


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