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What is your Signature Arsenal?

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Ok, in my personal opinion, there are two unstoppable combinations which are very simple yet devestatingly effective. Two Combos which prove themselves beautifully in all general engagements are most certainly the first: M8, Colt 45/ the second: M-29, with range locking grenade launching system ( i.e. Lone Wolf weapon )

Of course, this is just me opinion, the M8 being accurate and quick to aim even on the move and the M-29 being most effective in Urban combat situations.

This is how I pick my weapons before each mission. I read the briefing, and divide each situation into 5 different geographical or time-of-day locations/periods/situations. Woods, Fields (Or open spaces ), urban, night missions, heavy combat conditions ( i.e. intel indicates heavy firefights, large troop movements or vehicle contact )

There are two types of combat in my book: Intense or Lax.

Intense: Periodic or sustained enemy contact every 5 minutes.

Lax: Periodic enemy contact, enemy is spread out over large area enemy contact every 10 minutes. Roughly.

Of course, both of these depends upon many factors and some people I know will blurr the two.

Both of these types more or less depend upon how quickly you or your team is moving, if the enemy is offensive or defensive, and the type of mission you are undertaking.

I'll post later next week. Just to give some tips and continue with my explanations and strategies.

( yes, I know its just a game...but its freakin fun ok )

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The M240; I can use it offensively, defensively @ long or short range very effectively. It also has sufficient power to take out unarmoured vehicles, supress the enemy and 'spray and pray'.

The MAAWS and Tokarev pistol for secondaries. The LAW is unfortunately unnecesary in the game and the pistol is for when it gets too close, or for when the main weapon runs out of ammo.

I think the last slot I'm not too bothered about, pity that the Claymore's are clacker only...

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