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You know, I can absolutely understand why Rocky and the other guys involved with trying to fix this problem would be ######. Any other's that are busting this guys balls though are out of line. If the guy hadn't stepped forward and made it public that he was responsible none of you would have known anything. Rocky obviously had no intent of making it public, or naming the guy. Again it's a matter of people knowing their role, or in some cases NOT knowing. It's fairly obvious that the dude didn't understand the ramifications of his actions and is willing to try and help make it right, despite the fact that he may or may not be unemployed at this point. Rocky handled the situation in a professional manner, when he of all people didn't have to be that way, so follow his example and cut the guy some slack.

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You know, you could have used the amount of money that was spent to fix the problems you caused to learn something about marketing, 3d modeling, level design or animation so you could try to affect the way the game is marketed/made.

that would have been 100% more effective than the method you used now.

Ghostrecon.net isn't a fansite for nothing!

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Whoa. That totally sucks Rocky. Really bizzare reason as well. But, as I happen to agree with Collector*AFZ*, I'm gonna leave it at that. I personally wasn't affected by it, so I'm not gonna jump on this guy. We've all screwed up at one time or another. I'm gonna go with the "let him without sin cast the first stone" philosophy here. Hope things get better for you Rocky.

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A lesson for all i feel.

And for any would be attackers, as of last year, DoS or similar attacks=$$ damages ££ = easier lawsuit for plaintiffs.

Anonymity doesn't exist, ISP's already track your IP activity, and current legislation is seeking to log everything you type, from chat rooms to e-mails to web addresses, even what you download!!

Welcome to the cotton wool society.

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