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Ageia and the Hollywood Crowd


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Ageia buys Novadex


Aug 2005 Sony/PS3 announces Ageia integration


Sept 2005 Ageia questions 360 integration, but withdraws comment with caviat.


All GRAW is postponed Sept-Oct 2005 Until FEB 2006

March 2006 Microsoft delays Vista Direct-x vs .net

March 21 06

New AGEIA SDK is not Direct-X, but .net



March 22 06 New Ageia SDK includes Collada for OpenGL ES


March 22 UBI and Ageia officially announce deal

March 22 we get some pc footage.

Now we have a game Developer GRIN -"May the Vikin God's bless them" basically bulding two games in one.

March 23 I get flamed and called a noob for making the comment "who cares about Hollywood graphics and yes co-op, I appologize for the co-op, and missions" Comment I am frustrated with the delays an I hope that you all see why, but hey it was my birthday and I had a few beers with a pain killer or two-I am allowed I got a seperated shoulder-LOL!

So why are we waiting? $300.00 for a Ageia PPU or I buy a PS3 for $500.00 to enjoy PC/GRAW port to PS3 so I can enjoy Ageia, I guess I will be playing GRAW/PC without all the graphics ****! and yes we will get live footage the day after GRAW/PC is ported over to the PS3!



P.S. I love you modders, and there is more to my maddness but the shoulder is not quite right yet and typing aint so good, but if debate comes I will responde peacefully and in kind.

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TAIWANESE GIANT Asustek said it will be the only company to manufacture and sell the 256MB Ageia PhysX card - the high end model.

The firm described the physics accelerator card as a "totally new category" in PC hardware. Sixty developers are working on over 100 games that will use it, said Asus.

The cards will be available in May, and Asus didn't say how much it was going to cost. But you can probably count on the words "totally new category" as meaning you will have to totally dig into your wallets, and disperse those moths that have been nesting in there.


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360 and PS3 have licenses for AGEia's Novadex SDK.  No hardware involved.

You are right the PS3 Cell uses its SPE's. Oh and there is the USB Mouse and Keyboard for the PS3. Let me recalculate $300.00 for a PC ppu, or $500.00 +$65.00 for PS3 with mouse and keyboard to play games with Ageia-I will stick with my GPU for GRAW/PC and and buy the PS3.

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So won't the Graphics Card companies license it and add it to their own cards? Or is that something they won't allow?

I pay good money for my rigs, home built or not, but I am not going to fork out another $200.00-$300.00 for yet another graphics card. I won't even do the SLI thing. I just don't see it being worth that much for the extra eye candy.

I'm very happy with my lone GeForce 7800 GTX.

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