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GRNET Staff see GR:AW in the flesh!

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Release of information.

Information re the game is based on many aspects.

For instance if the MP has not been completed yet, then questions for that subject cannot be answered, its that simple.

If all equipment has not been tested with the game yet than answers to that cant be answered either.

That is the way it works.

Dont ask questions about things you have been told you wont get answers for.

There is no point, people who visit here, then start to get the idea that we might be a bit imature, and not visit as much.

Most of you have a very unique thing here please do not spoil it.

The trip report and answers to lots of questions that were put up on both boards, will be done.

Average time for this is about 60 to 100 hours.

Then its proof read, and then sent away for confimation of accuracy, then we get it back.

And then you will get it.


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Because he can't.  Plain and simple.


Tom Cruise has a movie coming out in may, he answers all types of questions about the movies, trailors come out, so we get excited about movies. I do not see what the big deal if he answers some questions about MP.


Bo, is there going to be 32 or 64 players on a map.

Bo: Answer, there will be 32.

Wow, I really dont think other game companies are going to want to "copy" that and incorporate in their games and releash it before GRAW comes out.

My question is WHY can't you read the very first post. Let me make it simple for you.

A full report will follow in due course and as expected they cannot answer any questions in the meantime, no matter how much they would like to.

Sheesh :wacko:

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Shall I drop the development of the mods for GR1 we are working on since GR1 will be abbandoned ?  :(

No worries, Bo's hint about modding means you probably will have lots to do with GR:AW!!! :)

I'd count the SCAR-H and Barret to that category. But no other m249:like weapon if that is what you mean. We trust you to make those
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I have waited five years to replace this game with a worthy replacment.

I have found it.

Sad yes but true.

That really sounds great, and I hope you mean that in a objective way :yes:

No, not objective, just the Sad way.

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I hope this game really is good, because I want to take NYR and beat the crap out of him.  When I'm done with him, he's going to feel like he just got out ouf prison.  Subduegaming is going to own all, especially anyone from NYC.

Go Giants, and go Rangers!  JAGR is the man!

What? :wacko:

Take a deep breath dude and get back on topic.... sheesh

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Tom Cruise has a movie coming out in may, he answers all types of questions about the movies, trailors come out, so we get excited about movies.

Hmmm...does that mean that Bo can bag Nicole Kidman for a teenaged cheerleader with a degree in pretentiousness from Dawsan Creek U, practice psychology without a license and jump on host chairs and still get millions a picture.

Bo...You Da Man.

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I know the report will come out when everything has been cleared by UBI. I just want to know where you guys are with all of that. Have you or the other two guys written the reports yet? Is UBI currently reviewing the report(s)?


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Tbh I think the overall impressions are more important than the details which are mere, well, details. What's most important is whether GR fans think GRAW is worthy successor or not and thanks to Colin and ZeroAlpha (thanks guys :) ), we now know that they do. I don't really care if you can turn feature x on or off or if an explosion has 20.3852% more debris than a real one should. At the end of the day it's just a game and as long as it's a lot of fun to play, the specifics will take care of themselves.

(btw, Colin and ZeroAlpha, any more general comments you guys could make would be very welcome by me, thanks again)

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