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Well doesent this figure...

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Okay, yesterday i received my Leadtek A6600 GT TDH GeForce 6600, i installed it (Static electrity prevented by going into a uncarpeted room and having my hand on the PSU almost the whole time), then i used common sense and followed the quick installation guide. I did this right, hooked up the lone HDD power dongle to the card and closed the case, hooked it all up.

Then i booted up installed the Nvidia drivers (And yes i followed Specters driver uninstall guide for ATI drivers before all this). Then i was tired after all that stress. I went to sleep, woke up today, ,wanted to try my card. Got on, booted up, and i go to Ghost Recon (of course) When it was about to load the menu screen (after the black gr screen with the hour glass), my monitor flickered once, then i think it shut down, then the LED light beside the button flickered between green and amber.

Of course i was ###### off and cussed and blowed a vein. I shut off the PC

So now, what the hell is the problem now?!

Has some higher power forbidden me from having a video card good enough to play video games? GAH!!!

Also, past supporters - Note i did this all my self, no shops, no BS.

Specs -

Antec SmartPower 350w Power supply (I figured an ANTEC could handle it.), if its a power problem i have a spare TT PSU 420w)

Dual 7200 RPM HDDs (WD Caviar & Seagate Barracuda)

Leadtek A6600 GT TDH AGP

P4 2.40GHz Proccessor

Floppy A Drive

CD/RW Drive


AC97 integrated Intel sound

Intel Motherboard (Id have to dig around for the model number)

My right case lights have stopped cycling as well, they come on but dont cycle through the colors like theyre supposed to. Which leads me to think its a PSU problem? Should i hook up that 420w TT? Please help.

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Yep, i would try that 420w PSU. That’s pretty much the only thing I can see.

Before that, maybe you can put back your old video card. Just to see if it works, to isolate the problem.

GL :unsure:

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HA!!! That radeon 9250 will NEVER go back in here, if its the last thing i do, im getting this card to work.

The whole reason i upgraded from that was because

A/ It wasnt for gaming and was really bad

B/ That didnt work right either.. (but it is an ATI, what do we expect)

C/ I wanted this decent great card without draining someones pocket

But i may try the PSU later.

I dont know how to install it though, im bound to ###### up.

I better try some other games too, if its just GR, thats REALLY strange.

I tried the Sims 2 (just to test, since it has a pretty good way of being intensive on your proccessor and 2nd video card) and it worked fine (but that was yesterday after i just stuck it in before i went to sleep.)

I guess ill try the psu once i isolate the problem.

But atleast theyre both pretty good PSUs, the 350w is a Antec SmartPower

the 420w is a ThermalTake Purepower

both have great air cooling and stuff.

so far XP has worked fine, so this is yet another vid problem that is strictly to games (I wonder why all my cards work in windows half the time and have problems in some games and not others)

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I shall try again.

I just thought maybe it drained too much power... but maybe its GR because Windows, Flash, Sims (2) (which is also way more proccessor and a bit graphics intensive than GR)

Time to try some more games...

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Well, i tried Line of Sight Vietnam yesterday, works Sims 2, works, Delta Force BHD, works.

I get up today, as sick as i am and cant even enjoy the damn thing, and i get a problem, i left to go to the kitchen,and when it was booting, somewhere in there my monitor shut off and said "In power save mode. Activate with PC." Of course i restarted the PC and it worked, so i figured it was just something that happens now and then, since i have a OEM compaq that sometimes has to have the monitor turned on before the pc. Soon i wanted to try Postal 2 STP, then i get a Unreal engine error AND an Nvidia driver error that said they stopped functioning normally and this is BEFORE it even get to the credits or menu. Oh great, i go Nvidia and have problems! oh and it doesent stop there, i clicked on the OK of the errors but the screen froze and i couldnt move the cursor. So i again, had to manually turn off the pc by holding the case power button down. Now im back on.

I hate to say this, but i feel a rerun coming on. Weve seen this movie before, yes.

Then before i got here to type this, i got a "Your system has recovered from a serious error" message and did i want to send an error report, i chose yes.

MS says -

Error caused by NVIDIA Graphics Driver: no specific solution found

Thank you for submitting an error report.

Problem description

An unknown error occurred in NVIDIA Graphics Driver, created by NVIDIA® Corporation.


NVIDIA® Corporation is currently not aware of a specific solution for the problem that you reported. Below is a list of recommendations to take that may help prevent the problem from recurring.

Download and install an updated NVIDIA Graphics Driver from one of the following locations:

Microsoft Update

NVIDIA® Corporation

If an updated driver is not available, check with your computer manufacturer.

If you are running the latest version of NVIDIA Graphics Driver, please contact NVIDIA® Corporation for your support options.

Additional information

If this problem continues to occur with the latest product updates for NVIDIA Graphics Driver we highly recommend you obtain assistance and troubleshooting information directly from NVIDIA® Corporation.

If you are not familiar with NVIDIA Graphics Driver and you are questioning how the program was installed on your computer, it is possible that the program was installed with another program. If you do not know why NVIDIA Graphics Driver is running, many programs configure themselves to start automatically every time you turn on your computer.

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Dude you did hook up a Molex power connector to the card before you power it up. You could try a complete clean installation of windows, it's a pain though i agree. Hope you get it sorted man. Or you could RMA the gfx card and swap out for another one.

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I doubt its the card, some games work , while others dont. I dont have a copy of XP to format with. I did hook up the molex dongle, it is on its own, not with a Drive, its on its own molex.

This is really confusing because some games work great (like theyre supposed to on this card, and look great) but others mess up, thats the confusion, im guessing i should try updating the drivers.

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Well, ive tried Delta Force Xtreme (Which was an OK game..) and that works

Works -

Sims 2

Delta Force Extreme

Line of Sight Vietnam

Delta Force Black Hawk Down

Doesent work -

Ghost Recon (mainly because i wanted to finish a mod before it left the hd)

Postal 2 Share The Pain (meh, i dont really care, but id like to know why.)

Maybe i just need to reinstall these games?

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Then before i got here to type this, i got a "Your system has recovered from a serious error" message and did i want to send an error report, i chose yes.

At the first of the year, I had similar problems and the same error message as above multiple times. It was the occasional random restart initially, but over a couple of weeks time, my computer wouldn't boot to XP. If you google random restarts, there is a wide array of opinions as to what causes them.

A new power supply did the trick for me.

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Sure, but mine doesent random restart. What similar problems did you have, and i still fail to solve why most games work and others dont, i have also checked the GPU temperature, and its at a 40 - 60 temp so far. (after i played men of valor)

MS claims its Nvidia drivers in the error report, also i havent had that problem anymore.

and, ive tried yet another game , Men of Valor. Works great besides the occasional glitch, but i think its a game glitch.

I had the random restart problem once upon a time, like 2001 - 03, i solved it by upgrading AC97 Realtek audio drivers. (before i had this pc too, mind you)

If i do however get any of those problems ill change to the ThermalTake 420w PSU ... (Its setting collecting dust).

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Ok. I reread your posts and agree you are not having random restarts in the way i did, if at all. I saw your reference to ""Your system has recovered from a serious error" and read more into it then I should have. Gawd, I got a ton of those with my troubles.

I do wonder if the 350 watt PS is enough to run your computer with that new vid card. Or if the PS is 2-3 years old, it may have something to do with it? Raton's suggestion to put the old card back in for troubleshooting purposes is a good idea.

Have you checked out a driver update or rollback for that new card. Sometimes, the latest version may not be the ticket and an older version may work better.

Maybe updating the drivers for your audio device would help. GR can be a devil about audio drivers.

If you have XP, check your event viewer after a mishap. It may not be the answer, but might help you figure out the problem.

As for other symptoms of my previous troubles, I did at times have the system freeze and have to manually shutdown. Most of the time mine would restart while on the internet or any thing besides playing games. It finally got to the point where it wouldn't even post up. That's when I took it out to my work bench and discovered that the 20 pin connector hooked to the MB had 4 melted or burnt connectors.

I figured the whole thing was fried, but decided to try at least a new PS.

I'm a complete novice, but saw how the leads or dongels(whatever they are called)

were connected, labeled some of the wiring( so I wouldn't be totally lost after I yanked the old PS) and hooked up the new PS. The different types of connectors are made where it is difficult to hook them up incorrectly. If I can put in a new PS, just about anyone with a little computer knowledge could. :D

Foxrtrot23 wrote:

Maybe i just need to reinstall these games?

In my opinion, no. If all your games worked ok with the old card, I wouldn't think

installing a new card would mess up there install.

I sure hope you get it sorted out, as that new card will be a huge improvement.

And foxtrot23, take everything I say with a grain of salt. I ain't a techie. :D

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Hmmm, well ive had quite the history with PSU problems (burning stuff up and such, or just coming apart). So lets see, last year i had two or three PSUs that needed to eb changed or burnt up (melted the molex). But all this got fixed when i got a Pentium4 instead of Athlon, and got a Antec, instead of some cheap TigerPro or random noname PSU.

I got the 6600GT because the crappy Radeon 9250 wouldnt play games good, had glitchesi n games, AND ATI drivers kept jousting with Windows XP; I did have problems with that card, it kinda worked when it wanted to, but last i saw, GR and Postal 2 STP both booted up into the game. XP had no probs with that card. But my games hated it.

So anyway, i just got up, and typing this i turned on my other pc (the gaming pc) and when it got to the black screen with the hourglass cursor right before windows it froze (the cursor did anyway) (or the time i waited for it to go it did), and never reached the password login screen before i shut it off. Also note, i didnt wait to long, it ###### me off a bit.

Errr, maybe it is the PSU, is this the problem you had? Update - Maybe i overeacted last time, but it booted to login this time and i logged in, maybe i didnt wait long enough or something, who knows.

I am undoubtly questioning if ill ever get a video card and be able to be happy with it.

Also, i switched to Nvidia from ATI due to those stupid driver issues.

Again, no game glitches either, it just gives me an error if i have problems. Note a reboot usually fixes any XP glitches i have if i have any though.

Also, does anyone know why in Postal 2 it gave ma Unreal engine error AND a nvidia driver error at the same exact time?

and i dont have any problems playing games for long periods of time, like men of valor, but GR and Postal 2 dont even get to the menu screen. But then again why would it be the PSU if some games work (and particularly newer games) and not GR and P2 (which are pretty old). I used the drivers that came with the card, i didnt update because i only need to do that if i have problems in games (like now)

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Hmm, well this thread is a waste of GRNETs bandwith, and proof of how paranoid i am when it comes to hardware.

I reinstalled Ghost Recon, it boots to the menu now.

Thanks for all the help anyway. Problem solved. ( And i dont have any other problems, so i think i solved most of it )

Was still an odd problem. Maybe i did something to GR before i installed the card and that did it.

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Okay, although i think ive fixed all the errors, and i have no graphic glitches or anything serious like that, sometimes my windows freezes just before getting to the logon screen, the cursor gets stuck i nthe center, and nothing works until i reboot. Its not that bad. but id like to know why and if it could be something really serious.

But so far, once Windows is loaded, all XP Apps. games and such work great. Just wondering if that might be a driver problem with the windows problem part.

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Dont start. Dont start damn it! Gah.

My hardware isnt that bad, i dont need a super PC like some people.... (eg most of the people on this forum) Worst parts - Intel Motherboard and slow ram speed. Best parts - Geforce 6600 GT and P4 (yeah i know, its a shame, i dont care.)

But come on , seriously.

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