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How similar are the 360 n xbox versions?


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I bought the xbox version because the 360 is a lonnggg way away from me cost wise, its currently $650 here and im hoping to wait until christmas or a year and half (pfft a new GR will b prob b out by then heh) til i get it, so i was wondering....

...are the maps and missions exactly the same? or is the xbox version completly different from the 360 version mission n etc wise?

I like the xbox version but from wat i've read about the 360 n pc version it seems like a demo with how its missing alot of features due to the xbox's limited power i suppose, and if the 360 version is COMPLETLY different then it'll make me feel alot better when i buy it n not feel like im buying the same game twice :).

also in the 360 version does it have those supply units that recharge ur health fullly? because it makes the xbox version seem real arcade like, but im guessing it was done because of limited power to make it to the full GRAW potential on xbox.

and if any of u have played both versions how much bigger are the 360 maps compared to the xbox's in single player?

heh like i said by the time i eventually get the 360 and GRAW (y i want it just for graw n future GR) i reckon a new one will b out with how GR has become so popular now, its a hell of alot popular when GR1 came out, so i guess the GR franchise is cemented for future generations YAY :).

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yeah well i clocked it today after playing it all up over the past few days for 6 hrs!! it started out really good but went very very bad near the end because it went almost completely arcade like! I thought all the negative talk about the xbox version was just GR1 vet's being narrow minded but they're not it really is a bad game! im taking it back and exchanging it for somethine else.

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