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Project Assassins


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The main concept the developers wanted to share is the idea of "organic" game design. Their goal is to make a game that a person who isn't accustomed to the traditional video game 'language' can understand and not be intimidated by. "Current-gen games are accessible as long as you know the video game rules," said Desilets. To achieve a next-generation experience, nearly every element of Project Assassins will attempt to focus on providing realism to the player.

This means that everything in the world will be realistic. If someone jumps, they will jump a normal human distance (or, at least, the normal distance of a street runner who can jump and perform fancy tricks -- Ubisoft showed reference footage of scenes like this). If someone climbs up a wall, they will only be able to do so if there is actually something sticking out of the wall for them to climb on. If someone jumps, they will not be able to double jump or turn in mid-air -- though they will be able to reach their hands out and grab onto a ledge if it is close enough to them.

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Great. I'd been waiting for news on Project Assasins since TTT came out.

It's still kind of hard to tell exactly what it is. It seems like Ubi is makign a few games to try out some general design concepts.


Well, yeah, but to me 'Low technology level, platformer, realistic and plausible interaction with the world around you' is enough, even if it's not awfully solid.

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