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RSE vs GR.net match update


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Congrats, RSE! Would love to hear about the game from your (the developer's) point of view.

First off, let me say that the GR.net team was great to play against, a great set of mature gamers with great sportsmanship!

Here my take on the games:

We started off on Temple LMS. We split up into two groups, with my group moving along the map edge, scouting for enemies. Team GR.net came out of nowhere and pretty much wiped us out. First, one round sounded out, and then a brief firefight erupted. After just a few seconds, only Gary was mobile, facing three GR.net players. Gary made a run for the trench, and then got pinned behind a tree. He tried to locate the shooter, who was using a suppressed weapon, but they tagged him, ending the match.

GR.net: 1 RSE: 0

Next, we fired up a custom double Siege game on Old Town. We decided to go with a conservative approach. Gary and Mike Clopper headed out to try and harrass the other team, while the rest of use took up stations around the construction area in front of our base. I took position in an alley (next to the stinky trashcans with those loud flies!), and took over flying the drone, which was enabled for this match. While Gary and Mike were out hunting, I used the drone to cover the approaches to our area, making sure no enemies slipped through. Gary and Mike went down, but not without taking a few GR.net folks with them. Next, Chris Bray and Brian Tate headed out, still with no contact around our base, and I moved the drone to support them, spotting enemies around their base. They went down, but we knew that had taken a few more enemies with them. Mike Gehri stayed behind to cover our base, and I went out to take the remaining defender. He was covering the balcony in front of his base. I came up from the right, tossing some smoke to cover my approach. We had a few exchanges of gunfire, but I couldn't get an angle on him, so I circled back around and came in from a different angle. I used the drone to confirm his location, and then slowly crept up to through the parking lot, keeping my MG21 trained on the balcony. As soon as I saw him peak over the balcony, I let off a burst, ending the match.

GR.net: 1 RSE: 1

The last match (for the win) was on Fishing Village, this time a custom Territory game; three zone control with infinite respawns, no restrictions. We knew this was going to be a fast paced game, and hinged on who could hold the zones the longest, so we really focused on coordination. Greg Stelmack mainly focused on keeping Bravo zone in our control, Mike Clopper organized the big pushes into Alpha zone, and Gary Stelmack and Chris Bray alternated between Alpha and Charlie, when they could. The rest of us mainly focused on Alpha, since that was the key zone in contention. We lost it quite a few times, but when we did, we would marshal our team up in the village, and then move down en mass to take it back, using grenades to clear the tower area and suppressive fire to ward off attackers. I went into the match as an Automatic Rifleman, but a few minutes in realized I needed some indirect firepower, so I switched to the SA80/M320. I suffered a bit from using a GL weapon out of my class, but the GL proved invaluable, especially when I got on top of the platform at Alpha, getting some great shots on attackers making a straight run from the shoreline to Alpha. As time progressed, we crept ahead in score, and in the end, came out ahead.

Final Score, GR.net: 1 RSE: 2

At least that is how I remember it! The GR.net team played great games, we really had a good time (even though we got slaughtered on Temple!) Afterwards, Dianna Stelmack joined in with Greg, and then we all played a big Solo LMS match for fun with everyone. I got dropped 25 seconds in, and it came down to Mike Gehri winning the match. Good times.

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Yes we were a bit suprised after the first round - we didnt expect to have it handed to us like that...I would like to know from the GR guys what you guys did. To me, It seemed like you pushed up the middle of the map eliminating our guys on the flanks then cleaned up stragglers. I was one of the stragglers (Geridak - Jeff McGanns account) and I bought it on top of the temple structure nearest our base - without firing a shot - pretty humiliating :angry:

In the second game Serellan broke us in to 2 groups - attackers and defenders. Gary went left and I went right. Old Town was a map I was pretty familiar with and I knew that the school yard area is a death trap for our team so I took the alleyways. As I got close to the school building I was concerned about the GR net drone so I tried to get a fix on it. About that time, one of the GR.net advance guys ran past me headed toward our base and I gunned him down. I felt sure that there were more so I went back towards their base. A grenade went off to my right and confirmed my suspicion. I also started taking fire from the back getting hit in the process but I managed to get lucky and reach the safety of the corner. I shot the next guy in the face as he came around the corner. The third guy I killed was also in the alley. Gary then killed a guy and we were 5 on 2. Pabes did give us trouble as we didnt have a coordinated attack on him and he got me and Bray. We knew where he was too so that made it frustrating. Finally, Serellan charged him and shot him with time winding down.

The last match was one where we had GL's and that is my favorite weapon - I wanted to make sure that the A zone was either owned by us or neutral so that the GR team couldnt get 2 zones while we had 1. Our team did a really great job communicating and holding zones and we were able to stick to our gameplan and prevail. Bray also had a crazy amount of kills and Serellan was dialed in on the top of the A zone with GL fire. Gary cleared any threats to the base and B zone and the rest of the team was moving on C zone and backing us up.

We will have to do it again some time. Thanks GR.net for being great fans and being great sportsmen - that was the most fun I have had playing GRAW since we had the in house tourny that Bray won.

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I will do a full write up as well early in the week. But ...

I sat out the LMS round and Payle, BSAT,Jerri, Ganthur, Pabes and Geek took care of business.

For the seige match the only change was Jerri sitting out and I came in.

We split into 3 defenders around the stairs and I took up a defensive position in the alley that can cover the left hand approack and part of the middle. Payle and BSAT probed forward on the left.

Payle was taken down by Geridak and I left my spot to support BSAT. I got a location on Geridak and we played ring aound the rosy in the small buildings on the left center. I finally got behind him and unloaded a clip ... only to see him turn and cap me. Geridak got BSAT as well within a minute or so leaving us down 3 - 6. Ganthur took out one of theirs with a grenade but got capped after the toss. 2 v 5. Geek and Pabes hunkered down near the stairs. In the ensuing probes from RSE Pabes got 3 of them but we lost Geek (one kill was Braybot with a great nade toss). Finally Pabes went down as the remaining 2 RSE guys used the drone to pin his location.

Geridak was feeling good about the connection so this match was 7 x 7 and we had GQ and Jerri in the mix with Payle sitting out. We moved onto Fishing Village. It was a 15 minute gut wrencher. We hung in close with constant battles at zone A but were not able to get much pressure on Zone B. We were also having a hard time dislodging RSE from the upper edge near the buildings. It was close and we closed the gap near the end but couldn't prevail.

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Great games to both teams. I had a lot of fun. Although I would have preferred a different outcome (especially since it was my birthday).

RSE team, Thank you very much for the opportunity to play you guys. Perhaps someday we'll have another shot at a rematch. I would love another opportunity to look for Braybot and Serellan through my scope. :g_guns:

Seems like you all covered the details pretty thoroughly. I was very optimistic after our dominate showing in LMS. But that was quickly crushed after you guys stomped on our attacking team in Seige. At that point, I was simply hoping to push the draw. And on a side note, I'm still so darn mad at myself for allowing Serellan to pick me off while he rushed me from out in the open. Great shot by the way. But why the heck didn't I just lob a grenade over the balcony?!?! :wall:

Anyhow you guys also proved tough on the 3-zone siege in fishing village. I was pretty darn frustrated after gettting shot time after time trying to get to base A. Seemed as though the difference was your team's ability to find good defensive positions uphill from us.

Thanks again GR.net and RSE! It was an honor and pleasure.

Edited by Pabes
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Some pics from the RSE side of things. Sorry they are so grainy, we keep it a bit dark in the office at night. ;)


Mike Clopper hosting some Siege games on Temple before the match, to get warmed up.


Chris Bray ready to rock.


Gary Stelmack trying to get his TV setup while we get ready.


Mike Gehri juicing up on Mountain Dew before the match.


Mike Clopper & Chris Bray playing one of the aftermatch games. Note Chris chomping on pizza as he racks up kills.


Mike Gehri concentrating hard during the aftermatch Solo game. He came out on top, probably due to his elite playing stance. ;)

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The games were great.. The first one was probably the best since we won :) and I managed to get two kills :) I was the one using the suppressed weapon.

For the LMS match we split up into 3 teams. two going to the far ends of the map and the other going straight down the middle. I think pabes started the kill count quickly but Serellan took him down. I took the tall temple and waited for Payle to call out positions. Geek was behind me making sure no one would sneak up. I am not too sure what was going on the other side of the map. When Payle started calling enemy postions I could usually get a good vantage point from the temple. I got two kills quickly but the last person was nowhere to be seen. Payle finally spotted him back at our spawn and took him out.

The other two matches were exactly as described. We got out butts haned to us. Even though we lost they were still a blast. I had a great time and would love to do it again.

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Thanks for the pictures and the writeups.

It does look like fun was had. If this event had been held on a Friday or over the weekend, I probably would have made the trip into RSE to sabotage hang out and enjoy the fun.

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I think pabes started the kill count quickly but Serellan took him down. I took the tall temple and waited for Payle to call out positions.

Yeah, we shot each other in the face. :wacko:

You what!! I'm glad that the 360 web cams aren't available yet!!! :lol:

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Congrats guys, but you know what this means. The overall series is tied at 1-1 and we need a final match : ) I took some pics on this side but I have to get proper approval prior to posting. Look out for them later. I dont know if I want to recount our losses - it was painful.

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From what I have heard there were some good games last night - congrats to all.

I apologize for not having been able to attend but I had to head back to the land of Dial-up a day early (although I suspect my team found this to be a blessing in disguise).

I look forward to the pics and war stories.

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Clopticon, you may want to post your side of the story as I'm sure the guys that played for gr.net will REALLY tell it up!

I look forward to hearing more about it and and to see some pics.

I hope fun was had by all.

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I just saw some pics - it appears the RSE guys were too busy eating pizza (5 boxes for 6 guys!) to actually play the game. :rofl:

sure they wherent phtoshoped to make it look as if thats the reason they lost? :P:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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