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RSE vs GR.net match update


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After an extensive selection process, I am pleased to announce the GR.net team that will be taking on the RSE devs in a GR:AW match on the 360. The members of the team will be receiving a copy of GR:AW, which, under ideal conditions, would have been given out prior to launch day. :wall:

The selection process

A thread was posted and pinned asking for people who were interested in representing gr.net in the challenge against the devs was started.

After several months the thread was closed and each member expressing their interest was sent a short questionnaire. Those that did not respond to the questionnaire were disqualified. :(

Based on the questionnaire, a couple more were disqualified (i.e. did not have a 360 and probably won't have one soon).

After analyzing the answers to the questionnaire, 5 (five) members were identified as possible team captains. Each of those 5 were sent a scenario that they needed to respond to. I was looking to see how they planned for the scenario, how they outfitted their team with weapons and why they made that decision.

Based on that scenario, a team captain and co-captain was selected. They were tasked with playing with all the possible team candidates and submit to me their suggested team roster for review. Some candidates were eliminated in this process for not responding to PMs and emails.

I believe we have a well rounded team that can take on the devs and represent GR.net well.

I now present the team!

W1ngsh0t - Captain

BSATNCSU - Co-captain

Payle Ryder


Jerri Blank




Two substitutes were identified in the event a team member was unable to make it on match date or needed to withdraw from the team. The subs are:



Please join me in congratulating these guys and gal! :clapping:

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:notworthy: Congratulations to the team:

W1ngsh0t, BSATNCSU, Payle Ryder, Maulasses, Jerri Blank, Pabes, F0NZ, Ganthur, Delta18071, & LordGeek...

You'll do us proud!

Also, a big thanks to ZJJ...

I really enjoyed reading about your selection process, and you've obviously put a lot of work into this... :thumbsup:

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You should have seen the questionaires, My god it was like i was back in school. :) And thanks for your support, I cant wait to play the Devs.

:rofl: You see, ZJJ wanted to make sure you guys have brains AND brawn! Good luck & cheers to you as a fellow Canadian.
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The match is scheduled for this Thursday, May 25. Our guys and gal are ready so let's kick some RSE booty! :o=

After match information will be posted here and possible film footage/pictures may become available, so keep an eye out for that.

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Great match! We got spanked on the first round, but came back and picked up the next two.

The players on RSE's Team were:

Greg Stelmack, Engineer

Brian Tate, Lead Artist

Chris Bray, Scripter

Mike Clopper, Scripter

Gary Stelmack, Designer

Mike Gehri, Artist


Thanks for the great games, I will throw up a few pics (they are pretty boring) tommorrow.

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Thanks again for a great match to all those involved from RSE, GR.net, and 2old2kwit.com.

You guys have put out a wonderful addition to the Clancy Ghost Recon series and the multiplayer is top notch by any standards. We along with the rest of the GR fan base look forward to more great things to come from RSE. I most say you have your work cut out for you to top GRAW. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication.

Please feel free to stop by 2old2kwit.com anytime.

-BSAT :o=

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Congrats, RSE! Would love to hear about the game from your (the developer's) point of view. The GR.net team is doing a write up, as well.

It sounds like everyone had fun, which was most important. :thumbsup:

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