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NAT bug discussion


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That's a problem with a person's internet. What happens there is that somebody's NAT is incompatible with somebody else's, and so they can't hear the other person's voice, and vice versa.

Really, the only cure for this would be to have every single member of Xbox Live go out and buy Live compatible devices and internet services. Which is never going to happen, so there's always going to be problems.

Avalon that is incorrect. If it was a NAT issue they wouldnt even be able to be in the same game together.

And the voice issue goes away if one of the folks signs off Live and back on then they can hear eachother. Definitely bug.

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I do not believe this is a NAT issue as those tend to mean you can't even join the game. Even with two people that have "Open" NAT settings the voice issue will occur and the only fix so far is to reboot the 360 ... if it were a NAT issue restarting the 360 would not fix it.

Or what Camaroguy579 said :rofl:

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