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Trigger Lag


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Is anyone else haven Trigger Lag in Singleplayer? I have at least one other friend that says he has the trigger lag too, but i don't see no one talking about it in the forums or is it that everyone is on the MP and just hasn't played SP yet?

Plus im guessing that none of the Singleplayer Devs that made the game come here ether to help or fix this is there?

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I think the trigger always lags with a gun like the MR-C in single player? I brought this up all the time at TeamXbox Forums. I thought it was something they did on purpose for that gun to make it more realistic for some reason, I'm not sure, but it drives me crazy too.

The other bug I ran into was on the first level there was a part were full auto fire from an enemy gun was coming out of a hill? Like the enemy was stuck way down in the ground? I couldn't figure out why I was getting hit or from where, then I walked up and saw it just streaming out of the hill and it would hurt you when you walked in it. It was right after you cross under the bridge in the first level...

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About the trigger lag, thats not lag. Mitchell has to be in a firing position to fire, if he his too close to an object or just got done running he wont fire until in the firing position.

SP: On the Castle mission where you are by yourself(the mission where you must run from the Chopper near the end). Try crawling on the brick walkway around where the scramblers are, and all the way around the entire place for that matter. Mitchell floats to a stance and has his arms out in the 'cruicify' position. People who played the Rainbow Six games might understand, same thing happened at the beginning of each round.

MP: NO LAG IS AWESOME. The bullet lag is significantly different from GR2. Wonderful!

Problem 1: As was stated before, when in a private room your friends cant join off you unless invited or until they can join someone else in the room.

Problem 2: People join rooms and can be heard but cant hear anyone else, or visa versa.

Solution: Restart your Xbox 360, works everytime. Cant tell you how many times i have had to type through the messaging system to people. But this would be a good thing to fix with the next patch.

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps this AMAZINGLY brilliant game.

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Well i feel i need to repley on the trigger lag once more.

As for every point all you made is very understandable yet im affriad this still aint the case for me. Just a small exsmaple, I can come up on a coner stop peek around see enemys. Well i do have the uperhand right now becuase they don't see me yet. So i can go into Zoom take my time to get the head shot right between the eyes becuase thats where i like it. Now i have the target lined up and ready i go into holding breath state finsh lineing up the shot pull the trigger and wait up to 5 seconds before the gun fires.

Just to show a friend when he was here we sat still never moved testing the lag in just pulling the trigger with being not being in Zoom and even in a Zoom state and it always came down to at least a 2 second lag up to 5 seconds.

Now also from what i noticed from when i first turn the game on it starts off with a 5 second trigger lag, but after say 15 minutes of playing it cuts down to 2 second trigger lag after the 15 minutes. Yet if i get to a check point and they make me change guns im back to 5 second lag all over again. Maybe it has something to do with the Hard Drive cashe not loading it right i don't know!

Ever since i had the X360 i had to reformate the Hard Drive 3 times so if i had to guess it might just be a Hard Drive problem.

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