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Cross com detail changing in SP


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Im slowly working through the game and I'm onto the last mission and one thing I've noticed is in the last few missions the hud has alot less info on it, like the blue arrows for the direction of allies, blue outlines on allies and the red triangles around enemies.

Is this right, is this supposed to happen later in the game, or is there something up with my 360. To check I loaded up the second mssion and they are there, its just a little confusing as I cant remeber it being explained over the radio that comms would be reduced.

Thanks for your responces.

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I'm only about halfway through the SP but from the sound of it you've prolly hit the X button one time too many, you can enable/disable the outlines by holding down the X button and two icons should pop up one shaped like a goggle (night vision) and the other shaped like a diamond, toggle the diamond above (or below) the goggle and your icons should enable/disable. hope this sorts...

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