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PC Weapons

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Ok, this Q has probably been posted already but, is there anywhere i can find the full list of PC weapons? Id love to know if there is anyway we'll be able to use enemy weapons. I know you cant pick up weapons mid-mission, but can you start of with them. It'd really be a cool thing to change things up. Again, this has probably been posted already, but im not really up to date. (Please dont kill me rocky/ZJJ for not searchin' the full forum.) ;)

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Well, that cat might be in for a real suprise when i open up a good ol' can of WOOP ASS!!! :o= But anyway, i know its too late but, i really think i'd be a good thing to be able to use weapons like AK, vz.58; just some of the weapons you could fine in GR:IT. Esspecialy since we get to use the iron sites. :rocky:

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Weapon list

Rocky and ZJJ are very busy answering those interview questions.

I will do the killing :devil:



We gonna go APE#*&% on Iron Skillet!


connie lingus!!!!!!yooooo ssssooo stttuuuupid!!!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

That's the GR:USAW Expansion Pack


your giving away UBISOFT top secret game for E3 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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